LaToya’s timeline : 1996

January 5 : LaToya & Jack are guests on Howard Stern and Maury.

January 18 : Lisa Marie officially files for divorce. Michael’s spokesman states that they remain friends.

Late January : LaToya reacts on Michael’s divorce on TV saying this mariage was an arrangment.

January 28 : LaToya appears as a Barbie doll mermaid in a clinging sequined white gown designed by Gai Mattiolo at the opening of Rome’s high fashion spring and summer shows in Italy. While in Rome, LaToya & Jack Gordon make their last public appearance together on an Italian TV show. For the last time, LaToya accuses Michael of bad behaviour with children.

April 25 : LaToya is spotted Walking On Madison Avenue with her blonde hair.

May 3 : Afraid that Jack Gordon wants to book her in a porn film, LaToya calls Randy and asks him to rescue her. Randy immediately catches a plane with his cousin Tony and they take LaToya from her New York hotel straight to her Las Vegas home. There, LaToya is treated for bruises and she files for divorce ans asks a restraining order to protect her from Jack Gordon. In the following days/weeks/months, LaToya slowly reconnects with the family starting with Randy, Jermaine & Joe and she speaks to Katherine on the phone.

July 25 : Alejandra gives birth to Jermaine’s son Jaafar Jackson.

September : Janet & Rene attend Stacee Brown wedding to Rex Salas at Neverland with all the Jackson family (except Michael, 3T & LaToya).

LaToya gives a phone interview to Howard Stern about Jack Gordon. It’s her last appearance on the show and the last time she speaks about Jack Gordon to US media until 2003.

November 15 : Michael gets married to Debbie Rowe.

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