LaToya’s timeline : 1989

January 5 : Margaret gives birth to Jourdynn Jackson. A few months later, Jermaine, Margaret & the kids leave Hayvenhurst to move in their own house in Beverly Hills.

January 31 : LaToya gives a press conference in New York City to reveal her upcoming cover for Playboy Magazine. She is a guest on “Good Morning America” at ABC Studios and “Late Night With David Letterman”.

February : LaToya Jackson appears on the March cover of Playboy magazine and stops talking to the family who blames her manager Jack Gordon. She gives a one hour interview on the Phil Donahue Show.

March : LaToya performs her new single “Such a Wicked Love” in Puerto Vallarta for Mexican television and in Caracas for the Venezuelan television program “Only For Men”. She also performs her single “You Blew” in Caracas for the Venezuelan television program “Only For Men” and in two German TV shows, including Günther Jauch’s Na Siehste!

March 25 : LaToya debuts her new single “Such a Wicked Love” on “Bob Hope’s Easter Vacation in the Bahamas”. NBC’s Standards and Practices department censor her performance, deeming her dance moves “too prurient” for prime time television.

April 16 : The single “2300 Jackson Street” is released by Epic. It’s a tribute to Joe & Katherine with all the children (except Marlon & LaToya) & grandchildren singing and appearing in the video shot during a Family Day at Tito’s home.

June : Teldec Records initiates a huge promotional campaign for LaToya’s new single “Bad Girl” presenting the song in four TV shows, including Günther Jauch’s Na Siehste! (where she had previously performed her last single You Blew), followed by a performance on ZDF Fernsehgarten and the NDR Talk-Show (both shows being broadcast on the same day). The music video for the track shows LaToya with two male dancers who also performed with her on the TV shows.

June 8 : LaToya & Jack Gordon go to Moscow, Russia on a promotional tour.

June 19 : LaToya reaches out to a patient in pediatric ward of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. She serves breakfast to children in the huge South Bronx hospital.

August : Randy gets married to Eliza Shaffer but keeps on seeing his longtime girlfriend Alejandra.

September : LaToya performs a “Sizzling Spectacular” concert on pay-per-view at Bally’s Reno in Nevada.

September 5 : After on of her performances concert at Bally’s Reno in Nevada. Jack Gordon takes LaToya to a chapel for a surprise wedding!

September 11 : LaToya and Jack Gordon attend the Grand Opening Celebration of The A & S Store In Herald Square at A & S Store in New York City, where LaToya also performs.

December : LaToya & Jack Gordon go to Paris, France. LaToya attends the “Best” gala.

December 3 : Randy’s girlfriend, Alejandra Loaiza gives birth to his daughter, Genevieve Jackson while Randy’s wife Eliza is also pregnant.

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