LaToya’s timeline : 1986

January : “Imagination” is the fourth studio album by La Toya. The album is released on by Private-I Records (an extension of Epic Records). Private-I Records goes bankrupt shortly after the album’s release. Because of the record company’s financial problems, the promotion is poor and it fails to chart. Three singles are released, the first being “Baby Sister”, which was released in Japan, followed by “He’s a Pretender” and a remix of the title track.

January 27 :  LaToya at the the American Music Awards ceremony. Michael, Katherine, Janet, Rebbie & Janet also attend the ceremony. Rebbie, Janet & LaToya present awards. For the show’s conclusion, Michael joins many celebrities including Diana Ross, Janet & LaToya to sing “We Are The World”.

December 31 : Janet performs “Control” on New Years Simulcast 1986-87 from Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, London. She is live from Tokyo. LaToya performs on the same show her duet “Yes I’m Ready” with Jed. Janet & LaToya are briefly interviewed together on the show.

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