Prince, Paris & Bigi’s timeline : 2003

Early Year : Michael takes Prince, Paris & Blanket to a family day at Hayvenhurst.

January 16 : Michael, Prince & Paris have dinner with the Malnik family in Miami.

February 3 : “Living With Michael Jackson”, the Martin Bashir Documentary is premiered in on ITV and gets phenomenal ratings! Prince, Paris & Blanket appear in the documentary.

February 7 : Michael decides to cancel the press conference and return to Neverland to give an interview. He leaves Miami in a private Jet with Prince, Paris, Blanket, their nannies Grace & Patricia, his physician Dr Alex Farschian, Marie Nicole & Aldo Cascio, the bodygards Mike LaPerruque, Chris Carter & Danny Crawford as well as Gavin, Star, Davellin & Janet Arvizo.

February 13 : Michel hosts a Spiderman theme party for Prince’s 6th birthday at Neverland.

February 21 : Michael hosts Blanket’s first birthday party at the Malnik’s house in Miami.

March 5-9 : Michael & his children stay at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

March 31 : Michael & his children go back to Miami where they are the guests of Al Malnik.

April 3 : Michael hosts a party for Paris 5th birthday at Al Malnik’s home in Miami with Prince, Blanket, Grace and the Malnik family.

April 17 : During a shopping spree in Santa Monica with Prince & Paris, Michael meets his sister LaToya!

July 04 : Michael, Grace, Prince, Paris & Blanket spend the Independance Day with the Malnik family and Brett Ratner in Miami Beach.

July 26 : Michael hosts the “Joe Jackson Day” in Neverland (attended by Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, Janet, JD & LaToya) but after too many people show up, he decides to leave the ranch with his children and they go to Monterey to spend the week end.

August 29 : Michael celebrates his 45th birthday at Neverland with family & friends (The Cascios, The Bhattis & The Brandos).

September 6 : Michael invites a group of fans to spend the day with him, Grace & the children at Neverland.

October : Michael invites the whole Jackson family to Neverland for a special photoshoot including Prince, Paris, Blanket, Omer Bhatti, Katherine, Joe, Rebbie, Jermaine, LaToya, Randy, TJ, Auggie among others. For the occasion Michael meets his half sister Joh Vonnie and her daughter Yasmine for the first (and only) time.

October 31 : Michael celebrate Halloween in Las Vegas with the kids.

November 18 : Tom Sneddon raids Neverland with a search warrant accompanied by 7O members of the Santa Barbara County Sherriff. Katherine, Rebbie, LaToya, Jeffre & Jermaine visit Michael at the Mirage Hotel where he just had a nervous breakdown.

November 19 : After destroying his hotel suite Michael is asked to leave the Mirage Hotel with Grace & the Kids. They move to the Green Valley Ranch on the southern outskirts of Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada.

Early December : Michael, who does not consider Neverland as his home anymore, moves in a rented mansion named Coldwater Canyon House in Beverly Hills with Grace & the kids.

December 20 : Michael returns to Neverland for the first time since it was searched for a private get together entitled “You Are Not Alone” which about 600 friends & family attend (including Janet & LaToya). The event is organised by Grace. Michael attends the celebration surrounded by his parents and siblings. Many friends and family members give speeches of support. Michael also gets to hug his biggest fans like Joanna and Talitha.

December 24 : Michael celebrates Christmas with Prince, Paris, Blanket, Eddie, Aldo & Dominic Jr at the Coldwater Canyon House.

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