Janet’s timeline : 1989

January 5 : Margaret gives birth to Jourdynn Jackson. A few months later, Jermaine, Margaret & the kids leave Hayvenhurst to move in their own house in Beverly Hills.

January 27 : Janet attends the last final concert of the Bad World Tour at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles with Katherine, Joe & Rebbie.

February-April : Janet & Rene go to Minneapolis to record the “Rhythm Nation 1814” album with Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam.

April 16 : The single “2300 Jackson Street” is released by Epic. It’s a tribute to Joe & Katherine with all the children (except Marlon & LaToya) & grandchildren singing and appearing in the video shot during a Family Day at Tito’s home.

April 26 : Janet and Rene Elizondo attend the Fourth Annual ASCAP Film & Television Music Awards at Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

May  : Janet shoots a short film to promote her next album. It is directed by Dominic Sena and features the songs The Knowledge, Miss You Much & Rhythm Nation. Rene helps in the production and Tina Landon is featured among the dancers. Michael & Katherine visit Janet on the set.

May 16 :  Janet celebrates her birthday for the first time of her life on the set of the “Rhythm Nation” short film thanks to Rene & Tina.

August : Randy gets married to Eliza Shaffer but keeps on seeing his longtime girlfriend Alejandra.

August 22 : “Miss You Much” is released as the 1st single from “Rhythm Nation 1814”. It will peak at #1 on the Hot 100 Billboard. The video premieres on MTV 2 days later.

September 5 : After on of her performances concert at Bally’s Reno in Nevada. Jack Gordon takes LaToya to a chapel for a surprise wedding!

September 14 : Janet gives a press conference to announce the album & the short film. Later that day, Janet attends the album party with many friends and family members (Quincy Jones, Jackie & Marlon, Jackson, Donny Osmond, Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, Rob Lowe etc.).

September 16 :  The “Rhythm Nation 1814” short film is world premiered on MTV.

September 19 : The album “Rhythm Nation 1814” is released by A&M Records.

October 03 : Janet attends a Bobby Brown party to celebrate the sale of “Don’t Be Cruel” going 5X platinum.

October 24 : “Rhythm Nation” is released as the 2nd single from “Rhythm Nation 1814” It will peak at #2 on the Hot 100 Billboard.

Janet is on the cover of Jet magazine.

November : Janet, Rene & the Kids (the dancers) go on a promotional tour in Europe.

-London (England) : They perform “Rhythm Nation” and “Miss You Much” on Top Of The Pops (aired on November 9) and Miss You Much & Rhythm Nation on TV PLUS, The Royal Variety Performance, where she meets Queen Elizabeth (aired on November 20) & Big England Cafe (aired on November 19).

-Paris (France) : They perform “Miss You Much”  at Studios des Buttes-Chaumont on Sacrée Soirée TV show on TF1 (aired on November 22).

-Berlin (Germany) : They perform “Miss You Much” on ZDF and “Rhythm Nation”  on TV Puls (aired on November 16).

-Madrid (Spain) : They perform “Miss You Much” & “Rhythm Nation” at TVE Studios and “Rhythm Nation” at Rockopop.

-Westfalenhalle, Dortmund (Germany) : They perform “Miss You Much” & “Rhythm Nation” at Peter’s Pop Show (aired on November 17).

-Merksem, Antwerp (Belgium) : They perform “Miss You Much” & “Rhythm Nation” at the Diamond Awards (aired on November 17).

December 1 :  Janet & Rene go at Le Dome Restaurant in West Hollywood.

December 3 : Randy’s girlfriend, Alejandra Loaiza gives birth to his daughter, Genevieve Jackson while Randy’s wife Eliza is also pregnant.

December 8 : Janet attends the presentation of platinum records for her album “Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814” and two singles “Miss You Much” and “Rhythm Nation” at A&M Records in Hollywood, California

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