Janet’s timeline : 1988

Janet launches her own production company named JDJ Entertainment.

January : Jermaine, Margaret & Jeremy moves into Hayvenhurst (in Janet’s bedroom). Some time later, Latoya leaves Hayvenhurst and goes to New York City with her manager Jack Gordon to work on her new album and upcoming concert in Atlantic City.

January 30 : Katherine, Joe, Janet & Rene attend the American Cinema Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California where Janet is presented with an award.

March 3+4+5+6 : Janet attends Michael’s concerts at the Madison Square Garden in New York City.

March 29 : LaToya gives her very first full concert at Donald Trump’s Castle Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City before a sold-out audience. Katherine, Rebbie, Janet & Rene attend the performance and visit her backstage with Donald Trump.

While in New Jersey, Janet & Rene have dinner with LaToya & Jack at the Cascio family restaurant and they all pose for a picture with Dominic & Connie Cascio.

Mid May : Michael moves out of Hayvenhurst to his recently purchased ranch in the Santa Ynez Vallez. He bought the Sycamore Ranch for $17 millions dollars and soon renames it Neverland Valley Ranch. Janet visits him some time later.

August 26+27 : Janet & Katherine attends Michael’s concerts at the Wembley stadium in London.

August 29 : Janet & Katherine attend Michael’s concert at the Roundhay Park in Leeds, England, where 90 000 fans sing Happy Birthday to Michael!

September 7 : Janet wins 2 MTV Video Music Awards but does not attend the ceremony.

December : Janet & Rene go to Minneapolis to work on Janet’s next project at Flyte Time Studios with Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam.

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