Around the world with daddy (2005-2009)


June 19 : Michael, Grace & the kids secretly leave the US and fly to Paris where they check in the Crillon Hotel.

June 29 : Michael, Grace & the kids leave Paris and go to Manama , the capital of Barhain as guests to Prince Abdullah (a friend of Jermaine)

Early July : Grace takes Prince & Paris to Los Angeles where they get to see Debbie for the first time in years at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

July 25 : Birth of London Blue Salas, first son of Stacee Brown & Rex Salas and first grandson of Rebbie & Nathaniel.

October 6 : Michael is at the Dorchester Hotel in London with Grace, Prince, Paris , Blanket, Raymone , Thomas Mesereau & Prince Abdullah.

October 8 : Michael & Grace take the kids to see the stage show of Billy Elliot. They are accompanied by Mark Lester & his family.

October 16 : Michael & Grace take Prince, Paris & Blanket to see the movie Wallace & Grommit.

November 5 : Michael & the kids are back in Dubai where they stay at the One and Only Royal Mirage.

November 15 : Michael & the kids arrive in Muscat (Oman) where they stay at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

November 24 : Michael, Grace & the kids have Thanksgiving dinner in Muscat with the family of the US Ambassador to Oman, Richard Baltimore

December : After a job interview with Grace, Aileen Medalla, a Filipino teacher leaving in Manama, Bahrein, is hired as a private teacher for Prince, Paris & Blanket.

December 24/25 : Michael takes his kids, the Cascios & Lesters to see King Kong at the Seef Mall Movie Theatre. Later, they go the to the International Italian Circus and they spend Christmas’s eve all together.

December 31 : Michael & his guests spend New Year’s eve at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain where they have rented 3 luxury villas.


January 7 : Michael goes to see the movie Oliver Twist at the Dana Mall with Grace and the kids.

January 13 : Michael, Grace and the kids have now moved into a mansion in Sanad, about 10km south of Manama.

January 26 : Michael, Grace and the kids fly to Hamburg  to visit the Shleiter family but upon arriving to their house, fans and reporters arrive after hearing the news of his arrival on the radio…

January 30 : Unable to go out because of the fans and reporters in front of the house, Michael, Anton, Grace & the kids leave Hamburg and fly to Venice
They land in Marco Polo airport and travel to Florence where they check in Weistein Excelsior Hotel

February 3 : They leave Florence and go in the Neapolitan Riviera resort of Sorrento where they stay in The Villa Savarese.

February 8 : They leave Sorrento and go to Roma.

February 11 : They fly from Roma to London .
They stay on and off at Cliveden in Berkshire , the magnificent backdrop to the Profumo sex scandal where they visit Mark Lester and his family.

February 13 : Michael hosts a big party for Prince’s 9th birthday with the Lesters.

February 15 : The California Court of Appeal rules that Debbie Rowe’s parental rights were not terminated by an earlier court order and that she can pursue custody of Prince & Paris.

February 21 : Michael hosts a big party for Blanket’s 4th birthday.

February 23 : Michael, Grace and the kids move from Cliveden to the Buckland Manor Hotel near Broadway and they visit Mark Lester at his home in Cheltenham .

March 2 : Michael, Grace & the kids go back to Cliveden.

March 11 : Michael, Grace and the kids return to Manama.

April 03 : Michael hosts a big party for Paris’ 8th birthday in Manama.

May 21 : Michael grace and the kids fly from Bahrein to London.

May 26 : Michael arrives in Tokyo (Japan) with Grace and the kids. They are joined by Raymone Bain and Katherine Jackson.

May 28 : Michael visits an orphanage in Tokyo with Grace, Prince, Paris and Raymone.

May 30 : Michael and Grace take the kids to the Tokyo Disneyland.

June 2 : Michael, Grace and the kids leave Tokyo and fly back to Bahrain.
Upon arriving they learn that their belongings have been put in storage at the Ritz Carlton Hotel!

June 3 : Michael, Grace & the kids leave Bahrain and take a private jet to Paris. They check in the Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace in Versailles.

June 14 : Michael, Anton, Grace, Aileen and the kids go to Disneyland Paris where they check in the New York Hotel.

June 23 : Michael, Grace, Anton and the kids leave Disneyland Paris and fly to Cork in Ireland. They stay at Blackwater Castle.

July 3 : Debbie sues Michael at Los Angeles Superior Court for failing to pay her what he promised after their divorce. She seeks an immediate payment of $ 195,000 + $50,000 in living expenses.

July 4 : Michael, Grace, Aileen & the kids check in the Lugalla Estate in County Wicklow, Ireland. 

August 18 : Birth of Noah Laniak, first child of Valencia and first grandchild of Marlon and Carol.

August 29 : Prince, Paris, Blanket, Grace & Aileen throw a surprise birthday party for Michael at the luxurious Luggala Castle, in County Wicklow where they have been staying for the past few weeks.

September 29 : Michael and Debbie have reached a confidential settlement over their 3 years long dispute regarding Debbie’s visitation rights on Prince & Paris & money compensation.

Early October : Michael, the kids, Grace & Aileen move from the valleys of Luggala to the Grouse Moutain Lodge in the Rosemount viillage in Westmeath County.

October 30 : Grace & Aileen plan a surprise for the children by secretly decorating one of the room of the Coolatore for Halloween.

November 12 : Michael arrives in London with Grace and the kids and they check in the Hempel hotel.

November 15 : Michael attends the World Music Awards ceremony at Earl Court where Beyonce presents him with the Diamond Award for the Thriller sales and he performs a few lines of “We Are The World’ for the final. During the ceremony, Prince, Paris & Blanket spend a movie night with Miss Aileen.

November 16 : Michael goes to Royal Albert Hall with Grace, Raymone, and kids to see Mary Poppins

November 18 : Michael and his entourage leave London and they go back to Ireland.

December 22 : Michael, his personal assistant John Feldman, Grace and the kids arrive in Las Vegas on a private plane from Dublin (Ireland) and they are taken by their new bodyguard Bill Whitfield to a rented house in 2785 South Monte Cristo Way. Miss Aileen goes back to Bahrain to visit her family during the holidays.

December 24 : Eddie Cascio arrives in Vegas. Michael goes to the FAO Schwarz at the Forum Shop inside Caesars Palace with Eddie for a last minute shopping spree. At night he celebrates Christmas with Prince, Paris, Blanket.

December 25 :  On Christmas morning Michael offers a dog to Prince. He names it Kenya. A few days later Katherine visits them.

December 31 : Michael attends the David Copperfield magic show at the MGM Grand in Vegas with Prince, Paris, Blanket & Omer.


January 26 : Michael attends Lance Burton’s 7 p.m. show at Monte Carlo with the kids.

January 28 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and  Blanket to see the High School Musical at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas.

February 13 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and Blanket to a shopping spree at the FAO Schwarz of the Forum shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Later Michael hosts a big party for Prince 10th birthday.

February 21 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and  Blanket to the World Magic Seminar Show at the Orleans Showroom in L.V. Later Michael hosts a big party for Blanket’s 5th birthday.

March 4 : Michael arrives in Tokyo with the kids. He is joined by Raymone Bain, Katherine Jackson and Mark Lester.

March 7 : Michael takes his kids to Disneyland Tokyo.

March 14 : Michael and his entourage leave Tokyo and fly to London.
They visit Mark Lester and his family in Cheltenham.

March 21 : MJ & the kids leave London and fly back to Los Angeles and then take a connecting flight to Las Vegas.

April 3 : Michael takes Paris, Prince and Blanket to the FAO Schwarz Toy Store at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Afterwards they head to the Wynn Hotel for lunch at “Wing Lei” Chinese Restaurant before going home, where a party is thrown for Paris 9th birthday.

May 22 : Michael arrives in London on a flight from Los Angeles with Grace and the kids.

June 1 : Michael, Grace and the kids leave London and fly back to Los Angeles.
June 6 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and Blanket to a private, two-hour tour of “Bodies … The Exhibition” and “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.

June 7 : Michael takes Prince, Paris & Blanket to the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas.

Late June : Michael, Grace and the kids leave their Las Vegas house in Monte Cristo and fly to Middleburg, Virginia. They check in the Goodstone Inn, a 640-acre estate of open pastures, for a summer vacation. They are welcomed by Raymone Bain.

July 18 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and Blanket to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space and American Indian museums in Washington DC.

August 19 :  Michael, and the kids are the surprise guests of Connie Cascio’s 50th birthday at the Cascio family home in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

August 29 : Michael celebrates his 49th birthday with Grace and the kids at the Cascio family home.

September 14 : Michael and the kids stay at The Carlyle hotel in Manhattan (payed by Italian Vogue).

September 16 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and Blanket to see ‘The Lion King’ at the Minskoff Theatre in NYC.

September 17 : Michael and the kids go back to the Cascio family house in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

September 25 : Michael (with Blanket by his side) gives an interview to Harriete Cole for his upcoming Ebony coverstory at the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC.

October 31 : Michael and the kids celebrate Halloween at the Cascio family home in New Jersey.

November 5 : After 3 months Michael and the kids leave the Cascio family home in New Jersey and fly from NYC to Los Angeles with Grace, the school teacher and the 3 bodyguards.

November 6 : Michael and the kids stay at Jesse Jackson friend’s house in Beverly Hills.

November 11 : Birth of Sophia Laniak, 2nd child of Valencia Jackson.

November 22 : Michael and the kids celebrate Thanksgiving in L.A.

December 9 : Michael and the kids leave Los Angeles on a bus and go back to Las Vegas. They check in the Green Valley Ranch resort in Henderson, just south of Las Vegas. The hotel room is payed by Londell McMillan.

December 15 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and Blanket to a shopping spree in Las Vegas.

December 20 : Unable to afford the Green Valley Ranch Hotel, Peter Lopez arranges with George Maloof to put up Michael and the kids for free. They check in at the Palms.

December 24/25 : Michael celebrates Christmas with Prince, Paris and  Blanket at the Palms.

December 31 : Michael and the kids celebrate New Year’s eve at the Palms.


January 7 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and  Blanket to Madame Tussaud’s was museum in Las Vegas.

January 12 : Michael and the kids attend the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur in L.V.

Mid-January : Michael and the kids leave the Palms and move to a rented house on Palomino Lane, Las Vegas.

February 13 : Michael hosts a party for Prince’s 11th birthday at their Vegas home.

February 20 : Birth of Bryce Connor Jackson, first child of Taryll & Breana Cabral.

February 21 : Michael hosts a big party for Blanket’s 6th birthday with Grace, Aileen, Brother Michael at their Vegas home.

March 20 : Birth of Delores “Dee Dee” Dior Jackson, daughter of TJ & Frances.

March 26 : Michael, Prince, Paris and Blanket are having lunch at Planet Hollywood inside the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas

April 3 : Michael hosts a party for Paris’ 10th birthday at their Vegas home.

May 16 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and  Blanket to see “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” at Brenden Theaters (Palms/Las Vegas).

June 6 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and Blanket to see “Kung Fu Panda” at Brenden Theatres (Palms).

July 7 : Michael is spotted in Las Vegas leaving a bookstore and being pushed in a wheelchair by an assistant, while Prince, Paris and Blanket walk with a security guard.

July 29 : Michael attends a performance of Mystère by Cirque du Soleil at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas with Prince, Paris & Blanket.

August 26 : Michael attends a performance by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with Prince, Paris and Blanket.

August 29 : Michael celebrates his 50th birthday with Prince, Paris and  Blanket in their Las Vegas home.

September : After 3 years as their private teacher, Aileen Medalla bids farewell to Michael and the kids and leaves Las Vegas to go back home to the Philippines.

September 10 : Michael and the kids have dinner at Benihana at the Las Vegas Hilton.

October 20 : Michael and the kids leave their Las Vegas home and check in at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles.

October 29 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and Blanket to an Halloween party in L.A.

October 30 : Michael takes Prince, Paris & Blanket to Borders Library in Westwood.

October 31 : Michael takes the kids to an Haloween party at Natalie Maine’s house (the singer from the Dixie Chicks) They were invited by Veronique Peck.

November 27 : Michael celebrates Thanksgiving with Prince, Paris and Blanket at their new home. A $38 million Holmby Hils estate rented for $100,000 a month on Carolwood Drive. The pad has seven bedrooms, 13 baths, 12 fireplaces, a screening room, a guest house, a swimming pool and a garden.

December 24/25 : Michael celebrates Christmas eve with Prince, Paris and Blanket and their guests Dr Arnold Klein and Carrie Fisher in their new Holmby Hils home.


January 26 : Meeting at the Carolwood mansion : Michael (with Blanket and Dr Tohme Tohme by his side), meets an AEG delegation headed by Philip Anschutz, its billionaire founder, AEG’s chief executive Tim Leiweke, Randy Phillips, who heads up AEG Live and Paul Gongaware. Michael signs a deal for 10 concerts in London next summer and he also accepts to submit to a rigorous medical check-up.

February 13 : Michael hosts a party for Prince’s 12th birthday at the Carolwood home.

February 21 : Michael hosts a party for Blanket 7th birthday at the Carolwood home.

March 03 : Michael lands via private jet of Harrod’s owner Mohammed Al-Fayeds at Luton Airport, London with Prince, Paris, Blanket and manager Dr Tohme Tohme. They check in the hotel Lanesborough, Park Lane.

March 06 : Michael goes to see the musical “Oliver” at the Royal Theatre in London with Prince, Paris, Blanket as well as Mark Lester and his children Lucy, Harriet, Olivia & Felix.

March 08 : Michael and his entourage fly back to Los Angeles.

April 3 : Michael hosts a party for Paris’s 11th birthday at the Carolwood home. Grace attends the party and soon after she is “terminated” by AEG.

April 12 : Michael spends Easter Sunday with the kids at his home in Carolwood.
Nurse Cherilyn Lee visits him to help his sleeping problem.

May 14 : Michael and his kids attend Katherine & Joe 60th wedding anniversary at an Indian restaurant in Beverly Hills with the whole family (Jackie, Rebbie, Tito, Jermaine, Latoya, Marlon, Janet and their children). Randy is the only one not attending. This is the last time Michael sees most of his family including Janet & LaToya.

May 17 : Michael goes to an art festival in Beverly Hills with Prince, Paris & Blanket.

June 3 : Michael goes to Culver Studios with Prince, Paris & Kenny Ortega where he shoots “The Drill” 3D.

June 7 : Michael takes Prince, Paris and  Blanket to the El Captain Theater to see the Disney film “Up” with Kenny Ortega, Travis Payne and Alif Sankey.

June 21 : Michael spends father’s day with Prince, Paris and  Blanket and he also calls the Cascio family and the Lester family but in the afternoon he feels sick and calls his nurse Cherilyn Lee.

June 24 : Prince, Paris & Blanket see their dad alive for the last time before he leaves home to attend rehearsals at the Staples Center in L.A…

June 25 : Last day of Michael’s life.

-12 :30 am : Michael leaves the Staples Center with a “huge smile on his face” according to Talitha.

– 1:00 am : Michael arrives at his home, 100 North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills district of Los Angeles. and Dr Murray begins treatment.

– 2:00 am : Valium pill administered

– 3:00 am : Intravenous diazebeem, IV of benzso

– 5:00 am : Other treatment

– 7:30 am : Other drugs through IV

– 10:40-11am : Infusing with propofol. At some point he ceases to breathe and dies after that.

– 11:51 am : Dr Murray call- lasted 11 mins..witness heard noises at other end of phone. Likely Conrad Murray who realized MJ was not breathing.

– 12:05 pm : Murray comes down the stairwell and tells chef Kai Chase “Get security, get Prince”.

– 12:12 pm : Dr Murray calls Michael Amir Williams, and leaves him a message.

– 12:15 pm : Williams returns call and Murray says MJ had a bad reaction.

– 12:17 pm : Williams then calls Alberto Alvarez who is in second trailer outside house, checks permission to go in house, goes upstairs to MJ’s bedroom. Alvarez sees MJ on bed, Murray doing one handed CPR on the soft bed. Murray tells Alvarez that MJ had a bad reaction and asks him to collect medical evidence. Faheem Muhammad arrives in the room. Prince & Paris also go upstairs and Paris is crying on her hands and knees. Muhammad leaves the room to whisk two of Paris and Prince, away from the foyer at the front of the room to keep them from the commotion.

– 12:21 pm : Alvarez is told to get a bag and Murray collects medical bottles, and IV bag etc., as told and only then is he told to call 911.

– 12:22 pm : Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics receive a 911 call.

-12:26 pm : Paramedics treating MJ on site. MJ’s Eyes fixed and dilated and he was cool to touch. He flatlined so heart action taking place. No observation of appropriate equipment for treatment with propofol, according to paramedics. Asked Murray about underlying medical condition. Asked Murray what drugs he had given doesn’t mention propofol. UCLA medical center advised futher care on MJ useless..they in contact with paramedics.

-12:57 pm : As the revival efforts produce no results Dr. Cooper gives the paramedics permission to pronounce MJ dead. She is told that Dr Muarry wants to continue with life saving efforts.

– 1:07 pm : Paramedics transport to UCLA Medical Center with MJ.

Prince, Paris & Blanket follow the ambulance in a car with Michael Amir Williams & Faheem Muhammad.

– 1:13 pm : Michael’s body arrives in ER room. Doctors at hospital only asked Murray what he treating MJ for. Mentioned on drug, valium and mention of propofol to UCLA doctors.
– Doctors still tried to bring MJ to life.

– 2:26 pm : Michael Joseph Jackson is pronounced dead by Dr. Cooper

Michael Williams, Frank Dileo and  Dr Murray tell Prince, Paris & Blanket that their father is dead. Frank Dileo says “Your daddy had a heart attack and died”.

Katherine arrives to UCLA with her nephew Trent and learns from Dr Murray about Michael’s death. She then reunites with Prince, Paris & Blanket.

LaToya, Jermaine, Halima, Randy, Kathy Hilton Randy Phillips and Dr Tohme arrive to UCLA.

Jermaine announces Michael’s death in a short press conference.

Michael’s body is taken by helicopter to the coroner’s office.

LaToya signs Michael’s death certificate.

Prince, Paris and Blanket are taken to Hayvenhurst with Katherine, LaToya, Austin, Jermaine, Halima, Randy & Tito join them.

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