LaToya in 2022

January 08 : LaToya on Instagram : “A pioneer! A trailblazer that changed Hollywood’s landscape, Sir Sidney Poitier we thank you for your incredible work! #sidneypoitier #RIP”.

February 11 : For the first time in weeks, LaToya shares a new selfie on her social medias.

February 13 : On Superbowl Sunday, LaToya tweets : “Congratulations to the Rams!!! Yes we did it! Dreams come true!”

February 18 : LaToya shares a new video on her social medias to wish her followers a happy weekend.

February 24 : LaToya shares a new picture on her social medias.

February 27 : LaToya on her social medias : “Let’s continue to pray for the people of Ukraine”.

March 03 : LaToya shares a throwback video of her in Paris in 1992.

March 10 : LaToya shares a 1986 clip of American Music Awards : “Love these moments! Me & @JanetJackson presenting at the American Music Awards our family loved Kenny Roger! We started out singing country-western with our mother!”

March 16 : LaToya shares a picture with Janet & Rebbie from 2002 : “The three of us! With sisters Rebbie and #JanetJackson Fun times together!”

March 17 : LaToya : Watching @MaskedSingerFOX Love this song @JanetJackson & I sang the background to #PYT! I love this performer, I think it’s @MonicaDenise then again she’s giving me @4everBrandy & @ciara vibes!

April 8 : LaToya on Twitter/Instagram : “A huge well deserved CONGRATULATIONS to Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson!”

April 13 : LaToya shares a new picture on Twitter/Instagram : “Quick selfie before running out”

April 15 : LaToya shares an old picture on Twitter/Instagram : “From Germany a quick break to see the city!”

April 21 : LaToya shares an old video of her in Monte Carlo.

April 29 : LaToya on social medias : “In 1912 Japan gave America the cherry blossom trees for show of friendship, how beautiful! Happy Arbor Day Guy’s!”

May 6 : Genevieve Jackson gets married to her longtime boyfriend Brandon. Many family members attend the wedding including Rebbie, Prince, Paris, Bigi. Janet & LaToya don’t attend the wedding.

May 7 : LaToya on Instagram : “Me and @JanetJackson at the Kentucky Derby quite a few years ago! Her first trip there, we had so much fun!”.

May 16 : LaToya : “A Big Big Happy Birthday to @JanetJackson. May you have the best day ever! By the way I love this photo of you!”.

May 19 : LaToya : “I can’t wait to watch #TheMaskedSinger season finale tonight! I know what a journey it is to be under that mask! Been there! Proud of how far U’ve come. Congrats to all 3 finalists! I’ll be tuning in tonight at 8/7c to find out who will win!
Who are you rooting for?”.

May 25 : LaToya on social medias : “When are we gonna do something??? Stop Gun violence”.

May 28 : LaToya on social medias: “Sending out much needed prayers on this Memorial Day weekend to all those affected by the massacre school shooting in #Uvalde and the #buffaloshoooting Our hearts are with you”

May 29 : LaToya turns 66 years old. Janet wishes LaToya’s birthday on social medias : “Sending u so much LUV on your special day! I LUV you”. LaToya replies : “How sweet Jan Love you more sweetie! Big kisses and a big thanks “@JanetJackson”.

June 03 : LaToya on social medias : “Happy #PrideMonth”.

June 05 : LaToya shares a video of french dancer Salif Crookboyz : “This guy is incredible!!! Every time I see him it brings such joy, what a talent!”

June 13 : LaToya shares a short video of her nails : “Thanks for the manicure! Nails On Rodeo!”.

June 17 : LaToya shares an old picture on social medias : “Backstage with my handsome brother @JackieJackson5 on the Victory Tour!”.

June 19 : LaToya shares an old picture of J5 : “How young! Looking back, I simply can’t believe you’re all father’s now! Happy Father’s Day to my brothers and all the incredible fathers out there!!”

June 25 : On the 13th anniversary of Michael’s passing, many family members shares pictures and tribute on their social medias including Prince, Janet, LaToya, TJ & Taj.

Michael Jackson’s estate claims man engaged to sister La Toya used chaos of singer’s death to steal PAJAMAS he was wearing hours before he died as well as his iPhone, pills and clothes. Jeffre Phillips, the former fiance of La Toya Jackson, was accused of stealing personal items from Michael Jackson’s home just days after the pop star’s death.

July 7 : LaToya : “My deepest condolences to the family’s, friends and loved ones who were affected by the shooting in Highland Park. Know that prayers are with you all!”

July 11 : LaToya shares a picture from 1987 with Katherine and Michael : “On a Sunday Funday in Japan after a great concert!”

July 22 : LaToya : “Happy Friday Eve Guy’s!!! Fun times with @DawnLafreeda”

July 28 : LaToya posts a photo montage of Michael and her in the 80’s : “Memories! Feeling Mellow Yellow on a throwback Thursday! We dressed alike a lot around the house. Especially sweaters and Pjs! “.

August 2 : LaToya posts an old picture of Grace Jones and her : “Love this lady, saw her trending @gracejones she’s always had her own style so incredibly unique! I even had a poster of her on my wall when I was younger, a HUGE poster! So many #fun times together!”.

August 6 : LaToya shares a short video of her driving in L.A.

August 13 : The Michael Jackson’s estate vs Jeffre Phillips saga continues! After the lawsuit was filled on Friday 24 June 2022 where Michael Jackson’s estate claims Jeffre Phillips used the chaos and sadness around Michael’s death to steal a bunch of property from the home where Michael Jackson was murdered. LaToya Jackon’s ex-fiancé Jeffré Phillips has told a judge he did not steal Michael’s private property in the days after his death. According to court documents, in his declaration, Phillips said the allegations are not true. He said from 1995 through 2015, he dated LaToya. “We were engaged to be married during the last one and a half years of our relationship. Throughout our relationship, we lived together, worked together, toured together, starred in our own reality show together and operated as a single-family unit.”

August 29 : Many family members and friends celebrate Michael’s life on social networks.

LaToya : I recall you sitting at your television crying saying I didn’t win Not 1 award. And then you said “Watch Me”I’m gonna win every ward & they’ll all come begging for me! And They Did! VMAs 1995 Such a stellar performance! Happy Birthday.

September 8 : LaToya reacts to Queen Elizabeth’s death : “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Queen and the Royal Family at this time!
For 70 years she has reign over the United Kingdom, and 15 Prime Minister’s, quite remarkable! She is the embodiment of much of the British history!”

October 20 : LaToya shares an old picture : “One of the many fun times we’ve had in Paris together! Claude Petin a clothing designer and the first #Jamesbond girl actress Ursula Andress!”.

October 28 : LaToya shares a recent picture of Janet : “How cute! @JanetJackson and @PaulaAbdul at the Fashion Trust Arabia in Qatar! Love seeing them together!”

November 01 : LaToya shares new pictures from her Halloween Party with Kathy Hilton : “A great time this weekend @dwayneJClark Halloween party with @kathyHilton @Dennisrodman and so many others! Hope you all have a happy Halloween”

December 11 : LaToya shares a picture with Jermaine : “I love this photo of you! A Big Big Happy Birthday to you @jermjackson5 sending much love your way on your special day!!”

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