LaToya in 2022

January 08 : LaToya on Instagram : “A pioneer! A trailblazer that changed Hollywood’s landscape, Sir Sidney Poitier we thank you for your incredible work! #sidneypoitier #RIP”.

February 11 : For the first time in weeks, LaToya shares a new selfie on her social medias.

February 13 : On Superbowl Sunday, LaToya tweets : “Congratulations to the Rams!!! Yes we did it! Dreams come true!”

February 18 : LaToya shares a new video on her social medias to wish her followers a happy weekend.

February 24 : LaToya shares a new picture on her social medias.

February 27 : LaToya on her social medias : “Let’s continue to pray for the people of Ukraine”.

March 03 : LaToya shares a throwback video of her in Paris in 1992.

March 10 : LaToya shares a 1986 clip of American Music Awards : “Love these moments! Me & @JanetJackson presenting at the American Music Awards our family loved Kenny Roger! We started out singing country-western with our mother!”

March 16 : LaToya shares a picture with Janet & Rebbie from 2002 : “The three of us! With sisters Rebbie and #JanetJackson Fun times together!”

March 17 : LaToya : Watching @MaskedSingerFOX Love this song @JanetJackson & I sang the background to #PYT! I love this performer, I think it’s @MonicaDenise then again she’s giving me @4everBrandy & @ciara vibes!

April 8 : LaToya on Twitter/Instagram : “A huge well deserved CONGRATULATIONS to Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson!”

April 13 : LaToya shares a new picture on Twitter/Instagram : “Quick selfie before running out”

April 15 : LaToya shares an old picture on Twitter/Instagram : “From Germany a quick break to see the city!”

April 21 : LaToya shares an old video of her in Monte Carlo.

April 29 : LaToya on social medias : “In 1912 Japan gave America the cherry blossom trees for show of friendship, how beautiful! Happy Arbor Day Guy’s!”

May 6 : Genevieve Jackson gets married to her longtime boyfriend Brandon. Many family members attend the wedding including Rebbie, Prince, Paris, Bigi. Janet & LaToya don’t attend the wedding.

May 7 : LaToya on Instagram : “Me and @JanetJackson at the Kentucky Derby quite a few years ago! Her first trip there, we had so much fun!”

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