The Jack Gordon years : 1987-1996


LaToya hires Jack Gordon as her new manager. She signs a new recording contract with RCA Records and starts recording a new album with produced by the European trio Stock Aitken Waterman.

“(Ain’t Nobody Loves You) Like I Do” is the first single taken from her fifth album “La Toya”.  The single is released throughout Europe, excluding the United Kingdom. LaToya shoots a music video for the song. The B-side of the single, “(Tell Me) She Means Nothing To You At All”, is released as its own single in France. The 12″ singles include a longer version of the song.

March 17 : Hazel gives birth to Jermaine’s son, Jaimy Jackson.

May 19 : LaToya attends the Premiere of “Beverly Hills Cop II” at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles.

May 29 : On her 31st birthday, LaToya flies to Japan with her new manager Jack Gordon. Later they go to Germany.

July 1 : LaToya is on a promotional tour in Helsinki.

August 20 : Jackie & Enid are officicially divorced. Enid has custody of Siggy & Brandi.

September 6 : Michael shoots the “The Way You Make Me Feel” short film in Los Angeles directed by Joe Pytka, choreographed by Vincent Paterson and featuring Tatiana Thumbtzen & Latoya!

September 12+13+14 : LaToya attends Michael’s first solo concert at the Korakuen stadium  in Tokyo, Japan with Jack Gordon and Katherine.

October : Hazel files for divorce and Jermaine introduces Margaret to the family.

October 22 : LaToya is on a promotional tour in Munich, Germany.


January : Jermaine, Margaret & Jeremy moves into Hayvenhurst (in Janet’s bedroom). Some time later, Latoya leaves Hayvenhurst and goes to New York City with her manager Jack Gordon to work on her new album and upcoming concert in Atlantic City.

Latoya becomes national spokeswoman for Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No’ anti-drug campaign.

March 27 : The single “You’re Gonna Get Rocked!” is  released throughout the U.S., Europe, and Canada. It will peak at #103, barely missing the Billboard Hot 100. Latoya shoots a music video for this song.

March 29 : LaToya gives her very first full concert at Donald Trump’s Castle Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City before a sold-out audience. Katherine, Rebbie, Janet & Rene attend the performance and visit her backstage with Donald Trump.

Mid May : Michael moves out of Hayvenhurst to his recently purchased ranch in the Santa Ynez Vallez. He bought the Sycamore Ranch for $17 millions dollars and soon renames it Neverland Valley Ranch.

June 10 : LaToya performs at Businessman Donald Trumps 42nd Birthday Celebration at Trump Plaza Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

June 14 : LaToya and Lisa Hartman attend Donald Trump’s 42nd Birthday Celebration at Trump’s Castle Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

July 2 : LaToya is a guest on german TV show ARD-Show “Die verflixte 7”, in Wuppertal, Germany.

September 2 : Latoya & her manager Jack Gordon attend Michael’s concert at the Niedersachsenstadion in Hannover, Germany with Katherine and visit Michael at his hotel later. It’s the las time Michael & Latoya sees each other until 2002!

September 12 : LaToya is a guest on german TV show in Munich.

September 23 : LaToya is a guest on The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross.

October 25 : LaToya’s 5th studio album titled “LaToya” is released by RCA.”You’re Gonna Get Rocked!” is released as a single. The video is directed by Greg Gold. A huge promotion campaign followed in the fall of 1988, with LaToya performing the song live on many different TV shows worldwide.

November : LaToya poses for Playboy during a top secret photoshoot at Neil Simon Theatre in NYC.


January 5 : Margaret gives birth to Jourdynn Jackson. A few months later, Jermaine, Margaret & the kids leave Hayvenhurst to move in their own house in Beverly Hills.

January 31 : LaToya gives a press conference in New York City to reveal her upcoming cover for Playboy Magazine. She is a guest on “Good Morning America” at ABC Studios and “Late Night With David Letterman”.

February : LaToya Jackson appears on the March cover of Playboy magazine and stops talking to the family who blames her manager Jack Gordon. She gives a one hour interview on the Phil Donahue Show.

March : LaToya performs her new single “Such a Wicked Love” in Puerto Vallarta for Mexican television and in Caracas for the Venezuelan television program “Only For Men”. She also performs her single “You Blew” in Caracas for the Venezuelan television program “Only For Men” and in two German TV shows, including Günther Jauch’s Na Siehste!

March 25 : LaToya debuts her new single “Such a Wicked Love” on “Bob Hope’s Easter Vacation in the Bahamas”. NBC’s Standards and Practices department censor her performance, deeming her dance moves “too prurient” for prime time television.

April 16 : The single “2300 Jackson Street” is released by Epic. It’s a tribute to Joe & Katherine with all the children (except Marlon & LaToya) & grandchildren singing and appearing in the video shot during a Family Day at Tito’s home.

June : Teldec Records initiates a huge promotional campaign for LaToya’s new single “Bad Girl” presenting the song in four TV shows, including Günther Jauch’s Na Siehste! (where she had previously performed her last single You Blew), followed by a performance on ZDF Fernsehgarten and the NDR Talk-Show (both shows being broadcast on the same day). The music video for the track shows LaToya with two male dancers who also performed with her on the TV shows.

June 8 : LaToya & Jack Gordon go to Moscow, Russia on a promotional tour.

June 19 : LaToya reaches out to a patient in pediatric ward of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. She serves breakfast to children in the huge South Bronx hospital.

August : Randy gets married to Eliza Shaffer but keeps on seeing his longtime girlfriend Alejandra.

September : LaToya performs a “Sizzling Spectacular” concert on pay-per-view at Bally’s Reno in Nevada.

September 5 : After on of her performances concert at Bally’s Reno in Nevada. Jack Gordon takes LaToya to a chapel for a surprise wedding!

September 11 : LaToya and Jack Gordon attend the Grand Opening Celebration of The A & S Store In Herald Square at A & S Store in New York City, where LaToya also performs.

December : LaToya & Jack Gordon go to Paris, France. LaToya attends the “Best” gala.

December 3 : Randy’s girlfriend, Alejandra Loaiza gives birth to his daughter, Genevieve Jackson while Randy’s wife Eliza is also pregnant.


Dee Dee finds out Tito is cheating on her. She files for divorce and custody of Taj, Taryll & TJ (3T)

LaToya’s 6th studio album titled “Bad Girl” is released by Sherman Records. The album is released as many titles “He’s My Brother”, “Sexual Feeling”, “Playboy (Be My)”, “Why Don’t You Want My Love?” and “Be My Lover”.

LaToya moves to London with Jack Gordon and announces her upcoming memoirs. She stops speaking with the family.

January 25 : LaToya makes a photoshoot in Cannes, France.

March 3 : LaToya performs at “Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo” (Italian song festival of Sanremo), the most popular Italian song contest and awards ceremony, held annually in the town of Sanremo, Liguria.

March 19 : LaToya attends a birthday party for actress Ursula Andress at Maxim’s in Paris.

April 25 : Martha Upshaw, Katherine’s mother dies. The whole family attends her funeral except LaToya who is abroad with Jack Gordon.

May 19 : LaToya is a guest on Bob Hope’s USA Road to the Berlin Wall and Moscow TV Special.

June 3 : Michael collapses while dancing at the Hideout. He is taken to St John Hospital of Los Angeles where he is treated for chest pains. He gets visits from the whole Jackson family (except LaToya).

June 10 : While on vacation in Rome, Italy, LaToya is beaten by Jack Gordon.

June 11 : Back to her London home, LaToya is snapped by paparazzi and the pictures of her beating are shown all over the world within the next 24h.

June 15 : Media start to report a fake story by Jack Gordon that LaToya

LONDON — LaToya Jackson, sister of pop superstar Michael Jackson, was beaten by a gang armed with metal pipes who broke into her Rome hotel suite, her manager said today.
Jackson, 31, was badly bruised in the attack and is resting at her London home, where she returned after the incident, said her manager, Jack Gordon.

Gordon said by telephone from the star’s apartment he believed the attackers had been trying to abduct her.

June 17 : Eliza gives birth to Steveanna Jackson but she files for divorce from Randy soon after.

October : Katherine Jackson publishes her memoirs titles “My Family : The Jacksons” and gives an interview to Ebony magazine to promote it (Michael, Janet & LaToya appear on the cover of the magazine).

December 19-25 : LaToya & Jack Gordon visit american soldiers during Gulf War and she performs on Bob Hope’s USA Road to the Berlin Wall and Moscow.


January 2 : LaToya is a guest on Des O’Connor Tonight.

July 12 : LaToya and her python arrive at the Long Island Pet Memorial Park to support of bereaved pet owners following the uncovering of swindle by the cemetery owner.

July 29 : LaToya attends Kim Hunter’s Birthday Party at Amazon Village in New York City with Donald Trump and Marla Maples.

September :  LaToya’s 7th studio album titled “No Relations” is released by Pump Records (Warner) along with the single “Sex Box”. The album Is only released in Colombia, Germany, and Holland, but Is imported throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

LaToya poses for the second time for the upcoming cover of Playboy magazine.

Jermaine, Margaret and their children move back to Hayvenhurst in Janet & Latoya’s rooms.

September 12 : Latoya publishes her autobiography “Growing Up In The Jackson Family” which causes a great controversy. During her promotional tour, LaToya gives many interviews with Jack Gordon by her side (including the Phil Donahue Show) and she claims that Rebbie and her sexually abused by Joe… The Jackson family denies the allegations and claims LaToya was brainwashed by her manager/husband Jack Gordon… Michael & Janet do not react publicly to those allegations.

September 16 : LaToya gives a press conference at Laura Belle in New York City to promote her book.

October/November : LaToya goes in Europe to promote her book. On October 31, she is in Paris to work on the French version of her autobiography titled “Jackson Story”. She gives interviews to Europe 1, Paris Match and Le Parisien. In November, she goes to Sweden for a TV show, in Spain, in Italy, in Munich for a TV show called “Grell-Pastell”, in the Netherlands on Gert Berg, a TV show, in London on Terry Wogan etc.

November 5 : LaToya is in Munich to promote the german version of her book.

November 13 : Katherine, Joe, Rebbie & Jermaine give a press conference in Paris to announce a clothing line.  Later they are guests on French TV Show Sacrée Soirée where they claim LaToya was brainwashed by Jack Gordon.

November 21 : Live from Las Vegas, LaToya appears on French TV Show Sacrée Soirée to refute the claims from her family.

December 1 : LaToya is in Montreal to promote the canadian version of her book.

December 2 : LaToya is in Toronto to promote the canadian version of her book.

December 31 : LaToya is in Paris to promote the french version of her book titled “Jackson Story”.


February 19 : LaToya is a guest on French TV show TV show “Stars 90” filmed in Paris.

February 25 : LaToya is in Paris to announce her upcoming revue at Moulin Rouge.

March 15 : LaToya attends the funeral of artist Denise Weber in Paris.

March 23 : Janet attends the “White Men Can’t Jump” Westwood Premiere at Avco Center Cinemas in Westwood.

June 24 : Jermaine visits LaToya backstage at her Moulin Rouge revue in Paris.

July : LaToya is on the cover of Ebony Magazine about her new life in Paris performing a revue titled “Formidable” at the famous Moulin Rouge Cabaret.

LaToya leaves Paris and goes back to New York. She was to perform two shows a night, six nights a week and was the highest paid performer in the cabaret’s history earning a reported $5 million. Though Formidable was successful, selling out on most nights, LaToya departed half-way into her year-long contract owing the nightclub $550,000 in damages.

August 3 : LaToya & Jack Gordon attend “Follies” at Palace Theater in New York City.

September 4 : LaToya is spotted at Savoy Hotel in London.

October 2 : Alejandra Loaiza gives birth to Randy Jackson Jr in Colombia, South America.

November 15-18 : The Jacksons-An American Dream is aired on ABC. This mini series about the Jackson family produced by Jermaine & Margaret and becomes a huge success.

December : While taping an Exotic Club Tour in Minneapolis Latoya visits Janet, also in town recording her album, to ask for help in escaping Gordon. Janet gets mad at La Toya, accusing her elder sister of recording their conversation.


Randy moves to Hayvenhurst with Alejandra and their children Genevieve and Randy Jr.

February 15 : LaToya and Jack Gordon tape an “In Depth Interview With Joan Rivers” at CBS Broadcast Center in New York City.

March 1 : LaToya performs in Copenhagen, Denmark.

April 20 : In their New York home, Gordon beat LaToya repeatedly with a heavy brass dining room chair, leaving Jackson with black eyes, swollen lip and chin “the size of a clenched fist”, cuts requiring 12 mouth stitches and contusions on her face, arms, legs and back. LaToya lost consciousness during the beating, leading Gordon to believe she was dead. She recalled, “He called his friends and said, ‘She’s dead. I killed her,’ because I was lying in a puddle of blood and I was out.

Gordon is arrested but then released, claiming he beat LaToya in self-defense.

Katherine flies to New York in order to reconnect with LaTota but it fails. LaToya refuses to speak to her and refuses to press charge against Gordon.

July 11 : Latoya poses Mary Kate Olsen, & Ashley Olsen during the Video Software Dealers Association Convention at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas (where LaToya is promoting her “Step Up” VHS).

September 2 : LaToya Jackson supports Michael on US Today Show.

October 31 : Joe’s father, Samuel Jackson dies at the age of 90.

December 08 : LaToya shocks the world by holding a midnight press conference in Tel Aviv, Istrael where she says that she “can no longer be a silent collaborator” to Michael’s ‘crimes against young innocent victims”. Her husband and manager Jack Gordon is by her side.
The Jackson family reacts immediately and holds a press conference at Hayvenhurst to refute LaToya’s claims. Katherine, Joe, Jermaine, Jackie, Tito & Randy tell CNN that LaToya has been brainwashed by her “money hungry” husband Jack Gordon.

December 09 : Live from Israel, LaToya gives an interview on US Today Show to confirm her claim that she believes Michael is a child molester. She also gives an interview to Howard Stern and Larry King.

December 11 : Margaret Maldonado leaves Jermaine & Hayvenhurst with Jeremy & Jourdyn.

December 24 : LaToya is a guest on RuPaul’s Christmas Ball.


February 2 : LaToya is a guest on “La Toya Jackson strikes back”, a special episode of Geraldo.

March : LaToya films an erotic video for Playboy.

April 6 : LaToya is one of the very first celebrities to have a Celebrity Centerfold video for Playboy.  She also releases a step aerobics exercise video, Step-Up Workout and a country album titled “From Nashville To You“.

May 26 : Michael & Lisa Marie secretly get married in a 12 minutes ceremony only attended by Eva Darling & Thomas Keough!

July 25 : LaToya visits the Video Software Dealers Association Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

August 10 : LaToya is a guest on Howard Stern in NYC.

August 11 : LaToya does an In Store Signing of her First Ever Erotic Video at RKO in New York City.

August 12 : LaToya is a guest on Late Night With Conan O’Brien in NYC.

August 27 : Dee Dee Jackson (Tito’s ex wife and mother of the 3T) is found dead in her swimming pool by her boyfriend Donald Bohana. The Jackson family gathers at Hayvenhurst to support Tito and his kids the 3T. A few days letter, the whole family (except LaToya) attends Dee Dee’s funerals.


“Stop In the Name of Love” is released as the ninth studio album by LaToya. The album, which was recorded and mixed in Sweden is a collection of dance-style well-known Motown covers, The entire album was recorded in one hour.

April :  LaToya starts her Live Exotic Club Tour in Pensylvania and is booed by the male crowd when she refused to strip and remove her clothes…


January 5 :  LaToya and Jack Gordon give a press conference to announce ‘Jackson Family Secrets phone line’ at Fashion Cafe in New York City.

LaToya  & Jack are guests on Howard Stern, Maury and Geraldo. These are their final public appearances together.

January 18 : Lisa Marie officially files for divorce. Michael’s spokesman states that they remain friends.

Late January : LaToya reacts on Michael’s divorce on TV saying this mariage was an arrangment.

May 3 : LaToya calls Randy and asks him to rescue her from Jack Gordon.

Randy immediately catches a plane with his cousin Tony and they take LaToya from her New York hotel straight to her Las Vegas home.

There, LaToya is treated for bruises and she files for divorce ans asks a restraining order to protect her from Jack Gordon.

LaToya slowly reconnects with the family starting with Randy, Jermaine & Joe and she speaks to Katherine on the phone.

July 25 : Alejandra gives birth to Jermaine’s son Jaafar Jackson.

September : Janet & Rene attend Stacee Brown wedding to Rex Salas at Neverland with all the Jackson family (except Michael, 3T & LaToya).

November 15 : Michael gets married to Debbie Rowe.

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Next era : Startin Over years : 1997-2011

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