The Jackson 5 TV performances (1969-1976)

October 18, 1969 :  Diana Ross & The Supremes introduce the Jackson 5 on ABC’s Hollywwod Palace Special where they perform Sing A Simple Song, Can You Remember, I want You Back and There Was A Time (with Diana Ross & Sammy Davis Jr)

December 14, 1969 :  The Jackson 5 appear on The Ed Sullivan Show where they perform StandWho’s Loving You and I Want You Back. Diana Ross is in the audience and she takes credit for discovering them.

Later, the group performs I Want You Back on the Joey Bishop Show.

January 31, 1970 : The Jackson 5 perform I Want You Back on the Andy Williams Show.

February 21, 1970 : The Jackson 5 perform I Want You Back, ABC and a medley of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/There Was A Time on American Bandstand hosted by Dick Clark.

May 10, 1970 : The Jackson 5 perform I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save on the Ed Sullivan Show.

September 19, 1970 : The J5 perform The Love You SaveShortnin Bread, Let It be & I’ll Be There at the Jim Nabors Show.

January 31, 1971: The Jackson 5 return to Gary ( Indiana ) for the first time to play two benefits concerts for for Mayor Richard Hatcher’s re-election campaign at Westside High School and they receive the key to the city. A ceremony is held outside their former home at 2300 Jackson Street. The event is filmed for a TV Special.

March 29, 1971 : The Jackson 5 are guests on The Stephanie Edwards Show where they chat and listen to their new single Never Can Say Goodbye.

April 18, 1971 : The Jackson 5 appear with Diana Ross on her first solo TV Special. They perform Mama’s Pearl/Walk On/The Love You Save, ), I’ll Be There and Feelin’ Alright (with Diana) , It Was a Very Good Year (Spoof by Michael) a skit with Bill Cosby.

September 16, 1971 : “Goin’ Back To Indiana”, the Jackson 5 first TV Special is aired on ABC. The special includes the group performing their hits, acting in skits with guest Bill Cosby and the Smothers Brothers and footage of the celebration filmed in their hometown of Gary back in January.

November 4, 1971 : The Jackson 5 perform a medley of I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You SaveNever Can Say Goodbye + a skit on the Flip Wilson Show.

March 1, 1972 : The Jackson 5 perform Sugar Daddy, Got To Be There & Brand New Thing (with Randy) at the Hellzapoppin’ TV Special.

July 1, 1972 : Michael makes a solo appearance in a special American Bandstand show devoted to him. He performs Rockin Robin, Ben, I Wanna Be Where You Are and at the end he’s joined by the Jackson 5 to perform Lookin’ Through The Windows.

September 15, 1972 : The Jackson 5 perform Lookin’ Through The Windows and Michael performs Ben at the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.

October 26, 1972 : The Jackson 5 perform Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Real Thing and Jermaine performs That’s How Love Goes at the Flip Wilson Show.

November 4, 1972 : In the US, Soul Train Show airs a Jackson Five special where they perform I Want You Back, Lookin’ Through The Windows & Corner Of The Sky. Jermaine performs That’s How Love Goes & Daddy’s Home.    Michael performs Ben

November 5, 1972 :  In The UK he Royal Variety Performance featuring the J5 is aired on the BBC. The group sings I Want You back, ABC, Rockin Robin, We Thank You & The Love You Save.

November 9, 1972 : The Jackson 5 perform Lookin’ Through The Windows & Rockin Robin an british TV show Top Of The Pops.

March 27, 1973 : Michael performs Ben at the Academy Awards (the song is nominated as best song for a film)

November 17, 1973 : The Jackson 5 are special guests at the Soul Train Show where they perform Get It Together,  Dancing Machine, You’re in Good Hands (by Jermaine), With A child’s Heart (by Michael) & Don’t Say Goodbye Again.

January 5, 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform Get It Together & Dancing Machine at the Bob Hope Special.

January 10, 1974 : One More Chance, a Jackson 5 TV Special is aired on CBS. The group performs Get It Together + a medley of I Want You Back/ABC/I’ll Be There/Ben/Daddy’s Home/Never Can Say Goodbye/The Love You Save and another medley Up a Lazy River/Opus One (with the Mills Brothers)

January 30, 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform Dancing Machine at the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.

March 11, 1974 : Michael sings When I Grow Up with Roberta Flack at the Free To Be… You and Me TV show.

March 16, 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform Dancing Machine & This Old Man/ABC at the Carol Burnett Show. Janet makes her TV debut and performs with Randy a Sonny & Cher skit.

April 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform It’s Too Late To Change the Time & Dancing Machine at the Mike Douglas Show.

April 4, 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform Let It Be, Never Can Say Goodbye & Dancing Machine at the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

April 9, 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform It’s Too Late To Change The Time & Dancing Machine at the Merv Griffin Show.

April 10, 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform I Want You Back/ABC at the Sandy in Disneyland TV special.

August 19, 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform Dancing Machine & a medley of Killing Me Softly with his song/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Danny Boy at the Tonight Show with Bill Cosby.

September, 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform Dancing Machine at the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

September 3, 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform Dancing Machine at the Merv Griffin Show. Janet & Randy perform their Vegas skit.

September 22, 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform Life Of The Party at the Sonny Comedy Revue.

October 19, 1974 : Michael performs Whatever You Got I Want, What You Don’t Know & If I Don’t Love You This Way at the Soul Train Show.

November 15, 1974 : The Jackson 5 perform Dancing Machine & It’s Too Late To Change The Time at the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

March 16, 1975 : The Jackson 5 appear on the Cher TV show.They are introduced by Janet and they perform I Am Love + a skit called The World Is a Mess and finally Cher joins the group to perform a medley of I Want You Back/I’ll Be There/Never Can Say Goodbye/The Love You Save/Dancing Machine.

June 16, 1975 : The Jackson 5 performs Moving Violation at the Dinah Show and Janet & Randy do their Sonny & Cher skit.

June 28, 1975 : The Jackson 5 perform Dancing MachineMoving Violation & Just A Little Bit Of You (by Michael) at American Bandstand.

July 1975 : The Jackson 5 perform Forever Came Today & Body Language at the Carol Burnett Show without Jermaine!

October 5, 1975 : The J5 perform Forever Came Today, All I Do Is Think Of YouOne Day In Your LifeJust A Little Bit Of You & We’ve Got Forever at the Soul Train Show.

February 16, 1976 : The Jacksons perform Forever Came Today at the Rich Little Show.

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