LaToya On Stage : The 80’s

TV performances, Interviews and concerts from LaToya Jackson during the 80’s.

November 8, 1980 : LaToya performs “If You Feel the Funk” and “Are You Ready” on the Soul Train Show.

November 10, 1980 : LaToya performs “Night Time Lover” and “If You Feel The Funk” on Dutch TV Show TopPop.

LaToya performs Night Time Lover on Solid Gold.

December 13, 1980 : LaToya performs “Night Time Lover” and “If You Feel The Funk” on American Bandstand.

February 12, 1981 : LaToya performs “Night Time Lover” and “If You Feel The Funk” on another duch TV show.

October 10, 1981 : LaToya performs “Stay The Night” on the Soul Train Show.

Michael and Latoya private home tape at Hayvenhurst in 1983.

April 24, 1984 : LaToya is a guest on Good Morning America with Barbara Walters.

June 30, 1984 : LaToya and Howard Hewett sing “Heart Don’t Lie.” LaToya  sings “Bet’cha Gonna Need My Lovin’ on American Bandstand.

August 25 : LaToya performs “Heart Don’t Lie” on Solid Gold.

September 8, 1984 : LaToya performs “Hot Potato” on Solid Gold.

February 13, 1985 : Latoya guest stars as herself in an episode of “The Fall Guy” where she performs her single “Hot Potato”.

October 27, 1985 : Janet supports LaToya by performing background vocals on her song “Baby Sister” during a live performance at the 16th annual World Popular Song Festival in Japan. “Baby Sister is the 1st single from LaToya’s ‘s 4th studio album “Imagination” released in 1986.

March 27, 1988 : The single “You’re Gonna Get Rocked!” is  released throughout the U.S., Europe, and Canada. It will peak at #103, barely missing the Billboard Hot 100. Latoya shoots a music video for this song and performs the song on several TV shows around the world.

March 29, 1988 : LaToya gives her very first full concert at Donald Trump’s Castle Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City before a sold-out audience. Katherine, Rebbie, Janet & Rene attend the performance and visit her backstage with Donald Trump.

October 1988 : LaToya’s 5th studio album titled “LaToya” is released by RCA.”You’re Gonna Get Rocked!” is released as a single. The video is directed by Greg Gold. A huge promotion campaign followed in the fall of 1988, with LaToya performing the song live on many different TV shows worldwide. LaToya performs “You’re Gonna Get Rocked” on the German TV shows Eurotops and Extratour, on the Dutch program “Countdown”, in Caracas for Venezuelan television.

January 31, 1989 : LaToya gives a press conference in New York City to reveal her upcoming cover for Playboy Magazine. She is a guest on “Good Morning America” at ABC Studios and “Late Night With David Letterman”.

February 1989 : LaToya appears on the March cover of Playboy magazine and stops talking to the family who blames her manager Jack Gordon. She gives a one hour interview on the Phil Donahue Show.

March 1989 : LaToya performs her new single “Such a Wicked Love” in Puerto Vallarta for Mexican television and in Caracas for the Venezuelan television program “Only For Men”. She also performs her single “You Blew” in Caracas for the Venezuelan television program “Only For Men” and in two German TV shows, including Günther Jauch’s Na Siehste!

March 25, 1989 : LaToya debuts her new single “Such a Wicked Love” on “Bob Hope’s Easter Vacation in the Bahamas”. NBC’s Standards and Practices department censor her performance, deeming her dance moves “too prurient” for prime time television.

June 1989 : Teldec Records initiates a huge promotional campaign for LaToya’s new single “Bad Girl” presenting the song in four TV shows, including Günther Jauch’s Na Siehste! (where she had previously performed her last single You Blew), followed by a performance on ZDF Fernsehgarten and the NDR Talk-Show (both shows being broadcast on the same day). The music video for the track shows LaToya with two male dancers who also performed with her on the TV shows.

September 1989: LaToya performs a “Sizzling Spectacular” concert on pay-per-view at Bally’s Reno in Nevada.

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