“Lookin’ Through the Windows” (1972)


Recording sessions : 1971-1972

Studios : Motown studios, Los Angeles.

Label : Motown

Release date : May 23, 1972

Peak on Billboard 200 : 7

Original track listing from the album released on May 23, 1972 (recorded late 1971-1972)

“Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing” (originally performed by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell) (Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson) – 2:30
“Lookin’ Through the Windows” (Clifton Davis) – 3:46
“Don’t Let Your Baby Catch You” (The Corporation) – 3:11
“To Know” (The Corporation) – 3:22
“Doctor, My Eyes” (originally performed by Jackson Browne) (Jackson Browne) – 3:14
“Little Bitty Pretty One” (originally performed by Thurston Harris) (Robert Byrd) – 2:51
“E-Ne-Me-Ne-Mi-Ne-Moe (The Choice is Yours to Pull)” (Johnny Bristol, Wade Bowen, David Jones, Jr.) – 2:53
“If I Have to Move a Mountain” (The Corporation) – 3:20
“Don’t Want to See Tomorrow” (Stephen Bowden, Jim Chambers, Hal Davis, Theodore McFaddin) – 2:46
“Children of the Light” (Michael Randall) – 2:27
“I Can Only Give You Love” (Richard Hutch, Willie Hutch) – 2:33

In 2001, Motown Records remastered all J5 albums in a “Two Classic Albums/One CD” series (much like they did in the late 1980s). This album was paired up with Goin’ Back to Indiana. The bonus tracks were “Love Song”, the B-side of this album’s title track single, and a live performance of “Who’s Lovin’ You”, which first appeared on the soundtrack of the 1992 TV movie The Jacksons: An American Dream.

Outtakes/unreleased tracks from the album’ sessions

Others songs from this era

Singles and charts

1st single : “Little Bitty Pretty One” (released on April 4, 1972)

Peak on Hot 100 Billboard : 13

2nd single : “Lookin’ Through the Windows” (released on June 23. 1972)

Peak on Hot 100 Billboard : 16

Previous era : « Got To Be There » (1972)

Following era : « Ben » (1972)

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