“Maybe Tomorrow” (1971)


Recording sessions : June 1970 – February 1971

Studios : Motown studios, Los Angeles.

Label : Motown

Release date : April 12, 1971

Peak on Billboard 200 : 11

Original track listing

“Maybe Tomorrow” (The Corporation) – 4:41
“She’s Good” (The Corporation) – 2:59
“Never Can Say Goodbye” (Clifton Davis) – 2:57
“The Wall” (Mel Larson, Jerry Marcellino, Pam Sawyer) – 3:03
“Petals” (The Corporation) – 2:34
“Sixteen Candles” (Luther Dixon, Allyson R. Khent) – 2:45
“(We’ve Got) Blue Skies” (Thomas Bee, Chris Clark, Fuller Gordy, Patrick Stephenson, Delores Wilkinson) – 3:21
“My Little Baby” (The Corporation) – 2:58
“It’s Great to Be Here” (The Corporation) – 2:59
“Honey Chile” (originally performed by Martha Reeves & the Vandellas) (Richard Morris, Sylvia Moy) – 2:45
“I Will Find a Way” (The Corporation) – 2:57


In 2001, Motown Records remastered all Jackson 5 albums in a “Two Classic Albums/One CD” series (much like they did in the late 1980s). This album was paired up with Third Album. The bonus tracks were “Sugar Daddy”, the only new track on their 1971 greatest hits set, and “I’m So Happy”, the B-side of that single.

Demos/Alternate Versions/Outtakes/unreleased tracks from the album’ sessions

Others songs from this era

Singles and short filmd

1st single : “Never Can Say Goodbye” (released on March 16, 1971)

Peak on Hot 100 Billboard : 2

2nd single : “Maybe Tomorrow (released in June 1971)

Peak on Hot 100 Billboard : 20

Promotion (TV performances/Award Shows/magazine covers etc.)

March 29, 1971 : The Jackson 5 are guests on The Stephanie Edwards Show where they chat and listen to their new single Never Can Say Goodbye.

April 1971 : Michael appears on the covers of Rolling Stone Magazine and Soul Illustrated.

April 18, 1971 : The Jackson 5 appear with Diana Ross on her first solo TV Special. They perform Mama’s Pearl/Walk On/The Love You Save, ), I’ll Be There and Feelin’ Alright (with Diana) , It Was a Very Good Year (Spoof by Michael) a skit with Bill Cosby.

September 16, 1971 : “Goin’ Back To Indiana”, the Jackson 5 first TV Special is aired on ABC. The special includes the group performing their hits, acting in skits with guest Bill Cosby and the Smothers Brothers and footage of the celebration filmed in their hometown of Gary back in January.

October 1971 : The Jackson 5 are on the cover of the very first issue of Right On! Magazine.

November 14, 1971 : The Jackson 5 perform a medley of I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You SaveNever Can Say Goodbye + a skit on the Flip Wilson Show.


The Jackson 5 on tour 1970-1976 

Previous era : « Jackson 5 Christmas Album » (1970)

Following era : « Got To Be There » (1972)

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