“Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5” era (1969-1970)


1/Original track listing from the album released on December 12, 1969 (recorded May-August 1969)

All songs produced by Bobby Taylor except for “Nobody” and “I Want You Back”, produced by the Corporation.

1. “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” (recorded May 1969) Ray Gilbert, Allie Wrubel Michael Jackson, Tito Jackson 3:18
2. “Nobody” (recorded August 1969) The Corporation Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson 2:54
3. “I Want You Back” (recorded August 1969) The Corporation Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson 3:04
4. “Can You Remember” (recorded July 10 & 15, 1969) Thom Bell, William Hart Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson 3:10
5. “Standing in the Shadows of Love” (recorded June 1969) Holland-Dozier-Holland Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson 4:06
6. “You’ve Changed” (recorded July 19 & 29, 1969) Jesse Reese Michael Jackson 3:16
7. “My Cherie Amour” (recorded July 1969) Stevie Wonder, Sylvia Moy, Hank Cosby Jermaine Jackson 3:44
8. “Who’s Lovin’ You” (recorded July 19, 24 & 29, 1969) Smokey Robinson Michael Jackson 4:06
9. “Chained” (recorded August 1969) Frank Wilson Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson 2:54
10. “(I Know) I’m Losing You” (recorded July 1969) Cornelius Grant, Norman Whitfield, Eddie Holland Jermaine Jackson 2:16
11. “Stand!” (recorded May 17, 1969) Sylvester Stewart Michael Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jermaine Jackson 2:30
12. “Born to Love You” (recorded June 1969) Ivy Jo Hunter, William “Mickey” Stevenson Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson 2:38


2/Demos/Alternate Versions

3/Outtakes/unreleased tracks from the album’ sessions

Although “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” was originally considered for inclusion on the album and appears on the back of early pressings, it was replaced by “Born to Love You.” It was released in 1995 on the boxed set Soulsation!

“Listen I’ll Tell You How”
“Oh, I’ve Been Bless’d”
“To Sir, with Love”
“I’m Your Sunny One”
“After You Leave Girl”
“You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me”
“It’s Your Thing”
“Since I Lost My Baby”
“La-La (Means I Love You)”

4/Others songs from this era

5/Songs known to exist but never released/leaked

6/Singles and short films

1st single : “I Want You Back” (released on October 7, 1969)

7/TV peformances

October 18, 1969 :  Diana Ross & The Supremes introduce the Jackson 5 on ABC’s Hollywwod Palace Special where they perform Sing A Simple Song, Can You Remember, I want You Back and There Was A Time (with Diana Ross & Sammy Davis Jr)

December 14, 1969 :  The Jackson 5 appear on The Ed Sullivan Show where they perform StandWho’s Loving You and I Want You Back. Diana Ross is in the audience and she takes credit for discovering them.

Later, the group performs I Want You Back on the Joey Bishop Show.

January 31, 1970 : The Jackson 5 perform I Want You Back on the Andy Williams Show.

February 21, 1970 : The Jackson 5 perform I Want You Back, ABC and a medley of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/There Was A Time on American Bandstand hosted by Dick Clark.

May 10, 1970 : The Jackson 5 perform I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save on the Ed Sullivan Show.


The Jackson 5 First US Tour 1970


Previous Era : The « Steeltown » sessions (1967-1968)

Following era : « ABC » era (1970)

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