“Discipline” era (2007-2008)


Recording sessions : July-December 2007

Studios :

Carrington House
Triangle Sound (Atlanta)
2nd Floor Studios (Atlantic City)
The Boom Boom Room (Burbank)
DoRohn Entertainment (Detroit)
DML (East Orange)
Studio at the Palms (Las Vegas)
The Village (Los Angeles)
Choice (Miami)
Platinum Sound
Roc the Mic (New York City)

Label : Island Records

Release date : February 26, 2008

Original track listing

“Intro: I.D.”
“Interlude: Spinnin”
“Interlude: Bathroom Break”
“Rock with U”
“Can’t B Good”
“Interlude: 4 Words”
“Never Letchu Go”
“Interlude: Truth or Dare”
“Greatest X”
“Interlude: Good Morning Janet”
“So Much Betta”
“Interlude: Play Selection”
“The 1” (featuring Missy Elliott)
“What’s Ur Name”
“Interlude: The Meaning”
“Interlude: Back”

Demos/Alternate Versions

Outtakes/unreleased tracks from the album’ sessions

“Let Me Know” : Bonus track from the japanse edition.

Others songs from this era 

Singles and videos

TV performances

Rock Witchu Tour (2008)



Previous era : « 20 Y.O » era (2005-2006)

Next era : « Number Ones » era (2009-2010)

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