Victory Era (1983-1984)


1/Original track listing from the album released on July 2, 1984 (recorded from November 1983 to May 1984)

One More Chance
Be Not Always
State of Shock
We Can Change the World
The Hurt

2/Demos/Alternate Versions

State Of Shock (demo with Freddie Mercury) : Recorded in 1982 & leaked in 2002. Remains unreleased. 

3/Outtakes/unreleased tracks from the album’ sessions

There Must Be More To Life Than This (demo with Freddie Mercury) : Recorded in 1982 & leaked in 2002. A remixed version was released in 2014 (Queen Forever Deluxe Edition). Original demo remains unreleased.

The Surprise Song : Song recorded by The Jackson at their Hayvenhursy Home studio in May 1983 and sent to their official fan-club members.

4/Others songs from this era

5/Songs known to exist but never released/leaked

Liberian Girl (demo) : Recorded in 1983/1984( MJ speaks about it in the “Hayvenhurst” home video in 1983).

Buffalo Bill (demo) : Recorded in 1983/1984 with John Barnes (MJ speaks about it in the “Hayvenhurst” home video in 1983).

Victory (demo) : One of three songs MJ worked on with Queen’s Freddie Mercury in 1983.

6/Singles and short films

7/TV performances and live concerts


Previous era : Thriller era (1981-1984)

Next era : « Bad » era (1985-1988)


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