Y&R 1998

At Tony’s urging, Grace revealed to Sharon that Cassie was the daughter she gave up for adoption. Meanwhile, Cassie’s adoptive mother resurfaced and demanded that Millie tell her who had taken Cassie. Nick was stunned when Sharon revealed that Cassie was her daughter. Nikki and Victor were also surprised. After serious soul-searching, Nick told Sharon he would accept Cassie and their marriage was back on track. Grace became engaged to Tony but continued to be interested in Nick. Later, Sharon suspected Grace’s attraction to Nick. Meanwhile, Megan ended her romance with Alec and became intrigued by Tony. Nick was disappointed when Sharon couldn’t join him on a business trip. Drunk and despondent, Nick made love to Grace. The next day, Nick regretted his actions. To Nick’s surprise, Sharon managed to make the trip. Unfortunately, Sharon overheard Nick and Grace discussing their night of lovemaking. Despondent, she rushed out and was struck by a car. She survived her wounds. Later, Sharon told Tony about Nick and Grace. Shortly after, Sharon confronted Nick with the truth and refused to accept his apology. Meanwhile, in an effort to save his marriage, Nick demanded to Jack that Grace be fired. Instead, Jack transferred Grace and made her Brad’s assistant. Chris advised Sharon not to leave the ranch. Instead, Nick moved out. Meanwhile, Nick grew closer to Megan and opened up about the history of his relationship with Grace.

Alice called every Collins in the phone book, trying to locate Sharon. Later, Alice discovered that Sharon left school because she was pregnant, and that her best friend was Grace Turner. She phoned Grace, claiming to be someone who was updating the school directory and asked for information about Sharon. Suspicious, Grace tried to tell Nick, but he wasn’t interested in hearing anything that she had to say. Later, Alice paid a surprise visit to Grace. When Alice questioned Grace about Sharon’s whereabouts, Grace played dumb. Shortly after, Grace sought legal advice from Michael and learned that the courts could back up Alice’s claim that she had a legal right to Cassie. Grace became more nervous after Michael said that the friends who brought Cassie to Genoa City could face criminal charges.

Victoria was promoted to the presidency of Brash and Sassy. In a misguided effort to keep Ashley and Cole apart, Victoria got Cole drunk and then made love to him. Nevertheless, Cole told Victoria he wanted a divorce. Reluctantly, she agreed to his request. Meanwhile, after Dru accepted a modeling contract out of town and left with Lily, Victoria and Neil began dating. After a dizzy spell, Victoria learned she was pregnant with Cole’s baby. Victoria broke the news to Neil. Cole and Victoria were officially divorced. Eventually, Victoria admitted to Cole he was the father of her unborn baby. Shortly after, he married Ashley. In the fall, Dru returned to Genoa City and was surprised to discover that Neil was involved with Victoria. She shocked Neil by announcing that she wanted a divorce. Soon after, their divorce was finalized. Victoria was rushed to the hospital with an appendicitis attack and was forced to give birth prematurely to a baby daughter. Victoria named her Eve. When she suggested to Cole that they baptize their daughter, Victoria realized from the sadness in Cole’s eyes that the baby had died. Devastated, Victoria and Cole, who grew closer in their mutual grief. Meanwhile, Victoria accepted Nikki’s invitation to recuperate at the ranch. Ashley received a mysterious call and temporarily left for Europe. On New Year’s Eve, Cole surprised Ashley in Paris.

Sasha’s manuscript was introduced as evidence in Danny and Phyllis’s custody battle for Daniel. Ultimately, the judge awarded custody of the child to Danny, which devastated Phyllis. Later, Danny admitted to Chris that he still loved her, which infuriated Paul. Phyllis moved in with Michael. Meanwhile, Danny was mugged and seriously injured. In a surprise move to save Danny’s life, Michael donated a kidney. When Chris learned the truth, she reluctantly helped Michael regain his license to practice law. After Danny’s recovery, Chris announced that she was still in love with Paul and they reconciled. Danny left town with Daniel on an extended concert tour.

Paul’s dad, Carl, resurfaced in another town with a new life as Jim. He also had a girlfriend, Ruth. Chris investigated Carl’s disappearance eventually discovered that Carl was alive and living under a new identity in another town. She struggled over whether to tell Mary and Paul. Shortly after, Paul, who suspected that Chris was having an affair with Danny, followed her to Norfolk, where he came face-to-face with his dad. Paul was stunned that Carl didn’t recognize him. Meanwhile, Charlie proposed marriage to Mary and she accepted.

Diane was livid when she learned Nikki was responsible for Victor’s vasectomy. Meanwhile, Veronica stopped taking her mood medication and began dating Miguel. Soon after, she revealed her true identity to Josh. They fought and Veronica shot him dead. When Nikki returned home, Veronica also shot her. With Nikki near death, Victor agreed to remarry her. When Nikki suddenly recovered, Victor decided to stay married to her, which broke Diane’s heart. Meanwhile, Veronica ditched her disguise as Sarah and became involved with an unsuspecting Miguel. Miguel proposed to Veronica and she accepted. Eventually, Cole and Victor realized that Veronica was also Sarah. In the stables, Veronica tried to shoot Nikki, but Victor intervened, and, in the scuffle, Veronica fell to her death. Meanwhile, Diane hired Michael as her lawyer and promptly filed a hefty lawsuit against Victor. At Michael’s urging, Diane appeared on The Leanna Love Show and discussed her relationship with Victor. On another front, Jack persuaded Brad to return to Genoa City in an effort to overthrow Newman Enterprises. Shortly after, Victor promoted Brad to a top-level position, working alongside Jack. Victor requested that Brad keep an eye on Jack. Later, Jack and Phyllis began a secret affair. Unknown to Jack, Phyllis worked as a spy for Victor. When Victor became preoccupied with his divorce from Diane, he stepped down from Newman Enterprises and temporarily turned the company over to Jack and Brad.

Tricia and Ryan made love for the first time. When Ryan and Tricia became engaged, Phillip became upset. Ryan and Tricia married. Nina wished them the best and moved forward with her own life. Meanwhile, Phillip had trouble accepting Tricia as a step-mom.

Keith proposed to Jill, but she turned him down. After moving in with Katherine, Jill started snooping and found documents that suggested she was the rightful owner of the Chancellor mansion. Livid, Katherine threw her out. With John Silva as her lawyer, Jill filed a lawsuit against Katherine for ownership of the Chancellor mansion. Jill tracked down a former housekeeper of Katherine’s named Beatrice and bribed her to lie in court against Katherine. When a fire broke out at the mansion, Jill successfully persuaded a judge to temporarily evict Katherine. Meanwhile, Michael agreed to represent Katherine. In court, Beatrice testified that Jill had given her money.

Callie, an old girlfriend of Malcolm’s showed up in Genoa City. When Olivia learned of Callie, she worried that Malcolm might still be interested in her. But Malcolm assured Olivia he wasn’t. Gina hired Callie to sing at her restaurant.

John Abbott left town for an extended trip.;-)

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