Y&R 1985

Cast Members (actors still on the show today in bold)

-Brenda Dickson as Jill Foster

-Julianna McCarthy as Elizabeth “Liz” Foster

-Jeanne Cooper as Katherine “Kay Chancellor

-Doug Davidson as Paul Williams

-Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki Reed (2nd Nikki)

-Eric Braeden as Victor Newman 

-Marguerite Ray as Mamie Johnson

-Jerry Douglas as John Abbott (2nd John)

-Terry Lester as Jack Abbott

-Carolyn Conwell as Mary Williams

-Brett Hadley as Carl Williams

-Michael Evans as Douglas Austin

-Michael Damian as Danny Romalotti

-Steven Ford as Andy Richards

-Eileen Davidson as Ashley Abbott

-Beth Maitland as Traci Abbott

-Christopher Holder as Kevin Brancroft

-Patty Weaver as Gina Romalotti

-Kate Linder as Esther Valentine

-Ashley Nicole Millan as Victoria Newman

-Tracey E. Bregman as Lauren Fenmore

-James Storm as Neil Fenmore

-Maria Adams as Dina Mergeron

-Lauralee Bell as Christine “Cricket” Blair

-John Denos as Joe Blair

-Jon St Elwood as Tyronne Jackson

-Nathan Purdee as Nathan Hastings

-Susan Seaforth Hayes as Joanna Manning

-Lauren Koslow as Lindsey Wells

-Phil Morris as Tyronne Jackson

-Roberta Leighton as Casey Reed

-Beau Kazer as Brock Reynolds

-Robert Parucha as Matt Miller

-Don Diamont as Brad Carlton

-New characters :

-Matt Miller

-Brad Carlton

-Joanna Fenmore

Characters leaving :

-Douglas Austin

-Neil Fenmore

-Characters returning :



After discovering that the mob, headed by Mr. Anthony, had a contract on him, Tyrone Jackson disguised himself as a white man named Robert. Tyrone also used the disguise to infiltrate the mob so that he could obtain valuable information about their dealings and ultimately destroy them. While posing as Robert, Tyrone romanced Mr. Anthony’s daughter Alana. Eventually, he persuaded Alana to marry him. On their wedding night, Alana discovered the truth about Tyrone. Shocked, she left town. Mr. Anthony died, paving the way for a reconciliation between Tyrone and Amy. But to Tyrone’s disappointment, he discovered that he had a competitor for Amy’s affection, a one-time hood named Kong.

Dina Abbott Mergerson was in a constant state of agitation now that her former lover, Brent Davis, was back in town. Eventually, Ashley Abbott, Dina’s daughter, learned that Brent was her real father. Traumatized by the news, Ashley wandered through tone in a haze and was picked up by a truck driver. The driver tried to take advantage of Ashley’s unstable condition, but she managed to fend him off. Soon after, she landed a job at a roadside diner and called herself “Annie.” One afternoon, the truck driver wandered into the diner, realized Ashley’s true identity and used it to his advantage. He phoned John Abbott, said he knew of Ashley’s whereabouts and then demanded a ransom. Fortunately, Victor Newman managed to locate Ashley and rescued her from the truck driver. He returned Ashley to Genoa City, but she was no condition to go home. Instead, she stayed at the Newmans’ home, which troubled Nikki.

Ashley finally forgave her real father and not long after, Brent Davis died. After Ashley recuperated from her trauma she found herself attracted to Victor, who returned the attention. Feeling neglected, Nikki had an affair with Jack Abbott. But Nikki realized that her heart belonged to Victor and vowed to save her marriage. In order to get Ashley out of the way, Nikki tried to pair Ashley with Victor’s brother, Matt Miller. Ashley found Matt appealing, but she was too involved with Victor to think about seeing another man. Nevertheless, Ashley agreed to see Matt romantically.

Jack tried to keep his mind off Nikki by resuming his former position as president of Jabot Cosmetics. Marc Mergeron sold his shares of Mergeron Enterprises to Victor Newman for a hefty profit and left town. Victor’s former wife, Julia, also packed her bags and left with her infant daughter.

Douglas Austin found himself frustrated that Boobsie wasn’t interested in accepting his affections. Eventually, he devised a scheme that he was confident would win Boobsie’s sympathy. Douglas pretended that he was dying from a mysterious illness. Fearing that she could lose Douglas forever, Boobsie realized that she loved him. Even after Boobsie found out that Douglas had fooled her, she continued to love him. Soon after, they married.

With the incriminating photos of Jill and Jack still in her possession, Katherine Chancellor hatched a plan guaranteed to torment Jill. She cut a copy of the photos into small pieces and sent them to John Abbott, one by one. In order to protect Jack, Katherine refrained from sending the piece that would reveal his identity. When the puzzle was finally completed, John was so upset that he suffered a stroke.

Jill tried to convince John that the photo had been taken long before she married him. But John didn’t buy her story. He filed for divorce. Desperate to stay married to John, Jill pretended to slip into a deep depression. Katherine, however, convinced John that Jill was only pretending to be depressed. John ordered Jill out of his house. Realizing that things were hopeless between them, Jill tried to win as much money from John as possible. She also became romantically involved with the Abbotts sexy young gardener, Brad Carlton.

Lauren’s mother, JoAnna, returned to Genoa City, with the hope of reconciling with her former husband, Neil. But to JoAnna’s disappointment, Neil was already in love with Gina Roma. Lauren, who wanted to see her parents reunited, checked into Gina’s background and discovered that Gina was an ex-con. Lauren exposed Gina’s secret to Neil, who soon broke off their relationship. Gina vowed to get even with Lauren. But Lauren already had enough problems to content with, most notably her marriage to Paul Williams, which had hit a bumpy road.

Although Paul was anxious to start a family, Lauren only pretended that she wanted to get pregnant. Instead, she pursuing her singing career. Meanwhile, Shawn Garrett grew jealous of Lauren’s professional partnership with Danny Romalotti and sought to get him out of the picture. Shawn began slipping Danny poison, which affected his voice and jeopardized his music career. Shawn also taped Lauren’s private conversations with Paul. Lauren and Paul briefly separated, but reconciled, which infuriated Shawn. In order to keep Lauren under his control, Shawn threatened to murder Paul if Lauren didn’t abide by his wishes.

Traci Abbott pursued a music career, despite being undermined by Lauren. Traci’s marriage to Danny, however, proved to be short-lived. Traci miscarried and they divorced. Nevertheless, Traci and Danny continued to be friends. Tim tried to rekindle a romance with Traci, but Traci discovered that Tim’s new wife was pregnant. Fed up with Tim’s emotional abuse, Traci rebuffed his advances. Instead, she focused her attention on Brad Carlton.

-Previous year : Y&R 1984

-Next year : Y&R 1986


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