Y&R 1982


Cast Members (actors still on the show today in bold)

-Deborah Adair as Jill Foster (3rd Jill)

-Julianna McCarthy as Elizabeth “Liz” Foster

-Howard McGillin as Greg Foster (4th Greg)

-David Hasselhoff as Snapper Foster (2nd Snapper)

-Jeanne Cooper as Katherine “Kay Chancellor

-Lee Crawford as Sally McGuire

-Robert Colbert as Stuart Brooks,

-Lynne Topping Richter as Christine “Chris” Brooks (2nd Chris)

-Jaime Lyn Bauer as Lauralee “Lorie” Brooks

-Victoria Mallory as Leslie Brooks (2nd Leslie)

-John McCook as Lance Prentiss

-Tom Ligon as Lucas Prentiss

-Joe Ladue as Derek Thurston (3rd Derek)

-Doug Davidson as Paul Williams

-Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki Reed (2nd Nikki)

-Cynthia Eilbacher as April Stevens (2nd April)

-Eric Braeden as Victor Newman 

-Meg Bennett as Julia Newman

-Marguerite Ray as Mamie Johnson

-Jerry Douglas as John Abbott (2nd John)

-Terry Lester as Jack Abbott

-Lilibet Stern as Patty Williams (2nd Patty)

-Carolyn Conwell as Mary Williams

-Brett Hadley as Carl Williams

-Margaret Mason as Eve Howard

-Michael Evans as Douglas Austin

-Michael Damian as Danny Romalotti

-Steven Ford as Andy Richards

-Eileen Davidson as Ashley Abbott

-Beth Maitland as Traci Abbott

-Alex Donnelly as Diane Jenkins

-Christopher Holder as Kevin Brancroft

-Patty Weaver as Gina Romalotti

-Kate Linder as Esther Valentine

-Ashley Nicole Millan as Victoria Newman

-New characters :

-Ashley Abbott

-Traci Abbott

-Diane Jenkins

-Kevin Brancroft

-Gina Romalotti

-Esther Valentine

-Victoria Newman : daughter of Victor Newman & Nikki Reed (born onscreen)

Characters leaving :

-Chris Brooks (left town/came back briefly in 1984)

-Lorie Brooks (left town/came back briefly in 1984)

-Leslie Brooks (left town/came back briefly in 1984)

-Snapper Foster (left town/came back in 2003)

-Greg Foster (left town/came back in 2003)

-Lance Prentiss (left town/never came back)

-Lucas Prentiss (left town/never came back)

-April Stevens

-Sally McGuire

-Characters returning :


In 1982, Jill became romantically involved with Andy Richards, a handsome physical education instructor. But the more Jill got to know Andy, the more she wanted to change him. Not to content live on the wages that Andy earned, Jill urged him to consider taking a more lucrative job. When Andy proposed marriage, Jill reluctantly agreed. However, she was aghast when Andy suggested that they live in her mother’s old house to save on expenses.

To Jill’s surprise, John Abbott returned to Genoa City. John’s return was influenced by his desire to see how his son, Jack, was doing at running Jabot. To Jack’s disappointment, John announced that he wanted to resume an active role in running the company. Meanwhile, Jill decided that it was time she cleared things up with John about the night that he found her in bed with Jack. She arranged to meet with John and offered her explanation, but John had difficulty accepting it. Eventually, John gave in to Jill’s charms and spent time with her. Jill also began working at Jabot again.

By spring, John’s two daughters, Ashley and Traci, had moved back to Genoa City. Ashley took a job at Jabot, where she butted heads with Jack over his way of doing business. Concerned that people would think that she got the job because her father owned the company, Ashley worked under the name “Susan Ashley” in the lab, where she helped develop new fragrances for Jabot. Ashley became romantically involved with her co-worker, Brian. When Brian learned from Jack that Ashley was his sister, he angrily accused her of spying on him. However, they managed to clear things up and resumed their romance. Meanwhile, Traci struggled to overcome a weight problem and developed a crush on pop singer Danny Romalotti. Neither girl was particularly impressed by Jill and questioned her motives for seeing their father.

As John’s romance with Jill heated up, Andy saw the writing on the wall and stepped aside. When John proposed marriage to Jill, Jack tried to destroy that relationship by revealing that Jill had a young son, Phillip. John was surprised that Jill had withheld this information from her, but after meeting Phillip, John told Jill that he was still anxious to marry her. The ceremony was held in the Abbott house, with the disapproving Abbott children in attendance.

To the Williams’ horror, their teenage daughter Patty became involved with Jack. When Carl tried to break up their romance, a vengeful Jack retaliated by marrying Patty. Over time, Patty became disenchanted with the marriage and questioned if Jack was only interested in her for sex. Behind Patty’s back, Jack continued to see Diane Jenkins, a long-time girlfriend. At Jabot, Jack also hired Victor’s ex-wife, Julia, to succeed Chris Foster as the company’s new model, which enraged Diane because Jack had promised to appoint her the news Jabot model.

Lorie hired Robert Laurence to be her attorney and he waged a fierce battle to clear her of killing Vanessa. The tension created by the trial slowly caused Lorie and Lance’s romance to erode. Eventually, Vanessa’s diary turned up, which contained information about her plan to frame Lorie. Although Lorie regained her freedom, she lost Lance, who decided to rebuild his life away from Genoa City. Lori’s other sister, Chris, packed her bags, too, when her husband, Snapper, accepted a doctor’s position at a hospital in another state.

Soon after her trial, Lorie began seeing Victor Newman, which troubled Nikki, who felt inferior around the sophisticated and poised best-selling novelist. Even though Nikki was wildly attracted to Victor, he made it clear that their relationship was strictly platonic. Nikki, however, believed otherwise, even after Victor and Lori became romantically involved. When Victor proposed marriage to Lorie, she accepted. Before the ceremony, Victor handed Lorie a document that gave her control of Prentiss Industries. Shortly before the wedding ceremony, Victor searched for Lorie, who had suddenly disappeared. Instead, he found a letter from Lorie, informing him that she wasn’t interested in marrying him. Left behind with the letter was Victor’s engagement ring. Lorie packed her bags and arranged a meeting with Lucas before leaving town. To Lucas’s s surprise, Lorie announced that she had won control of Prentiss Industries from Victor and was returning the company to Lance.

With Lorie out of the picture, Nikki’s hopes of becoming involved with Victor were revived. Victor tried to discourage Nikki’s attraction by arranging for her to date someone closer to her own age, a young man named Kevin Bancroft. Nikki reluctantly agreed to see Kevin, but her feelings for Victor continued. Victor and Nikki eventually gave in to their mutual attraction and slept together. But afterward, Victor insisted that it wouldn’t happen again.

When Nikki discovered that she was pregnant, she claimed that Kevin was the father. Kevin, who considered himself an honorable man, proposed marriage to Nikki and she accepted. Their relationship was complicated by Kevin’s mom, Alison, who strongly disapproved of Nikki. In order to break Nikki and Kevin up, Alison arranged for Kevin’s former girlfriend, Caroline Harper, to come to Genoa City. After Kevin was injured in a car accident, Nikki, who felt responsible for the accident, stepped aside and opened the door for Kevin to become involved with Caroline again. Meanwhile, both Kevin and Victor learned that Nikki was pregnant with Victor’s baby, but both had difficulty accepting the truth. When Victor suggested to Nikki that she might benefit from spending time in a mental institution, Nikki disappeared. Eventually, Victor was able to locate Nikki and she returned to Genoa City.

Lorie’s sister Leslie became involved with Robert, which irritated his teenage daughter, Angela. For several years, Robert had led Angela to believe that her mother, Claire, was dead. But Claire was actually in a coma and tucked away at an institution. To Robert’s surprise, Claire’s doctor found a medical treatment that was able to help Claire regain consciousness and return home. Leslie was disappointed when Robert arranged for Claire to live with him. In order to help Claire’s recovery, Leslie broke off her romance with Robert.

Tony DiSalvo, a mobster, swore revenge against Carl Williams for having him arrested. Tony made it look as if Carl was accepting bribes from the mob. While Carl was on suspension from the police force, his son, Paul, worked behind the scenes to clear Carl’s name. Paul eventually infiltrated the mob. Paul also became involved with a young woman named Pam, who had played a role in framing his father, but Paul was actually in love with Cindy Lake, a vulnerable, young prostitute who assisted him in learning about the mob’s illicit activities.

Danny’s sister, Gina Romalotti, a petty criminal, surfaced in Genoa City after she had served her prison sentence. At first, Danny was reluctant to see his sister, but eventually he mended fences with her. He also arranged for Gina to secure a job singing at Jonas’ place.

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-Next year : Y&R 1983

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