Michael Jackson : Other short films

Captain EO.jpg

-Say Say Say (1983)

-Single : “Say Say Say” (released on October 3, 1983) from the “Pipes Of Peace” album.

-Date of shooting : September 1983

-Date of premiere : October 29, 1983

-Directed by : Bob Girladi

-Official release : On DVD in 2010 (Vision, long version) but NOT on Paul Mac Cartney’s You Tube official page.

-We Are The World (1985)

-Single : “We Are The World” (released on March 7, 1985) from the “We Are The World” album.

-Date of shooting : January 22, 1985

-Date of premiere : March 1985

-Directed by : Tom Trbovich

-Official release : On VHS in 1985 and on DVD in 2010 (We Are the World: The Story Behind the Song) and on USA For Africa’s  You Tube official page.

-Captain EO (1986)

-Songs: “We Are Here To Change The World” and “Another Part Of Me from the “Captain EO” Disney film.

-Date of shooting : July-August 1985

-Date of premiere : September 12, 1986

-Directed by : Francis Ford Coppola

-Official release : Never released on VHS/DVD. Not on Disney’s You Tube official page.

-2300 Jackson Street (1989)

-Single : “2300 Jackson Street” (released on March 16, 1989) from the “2300 jackson Street″ album

-Date of shooting : March 1989

-Date of premiere : April 1989

-Directed by : unknown

-Official release :  Never released on DVD but on The Jackson’s You Tube official page.

– Whatzupwitu (1993)

-Single : “Whatzupwitu (released on March 30, 1993) from the “Love’s Alright″ album

-Date of shooting : February 1993

-Date of premiere : April 15 1989

-Directed by : Wayne Isham

-Official release :  Never released on DVD nor on You Tube official page.

-Why (1996)

-Single : “Why” (released in September 1996) from the “Brotherhood″ album

-Date of shooting : July 1996

-Date of premiere : September 1996

-Directed by :

-Official release :  Released on DVD in 2010 (Vision) and on 3T’s You Tube official page.

-One More Chance (2003)

-Single : “One More Chance” (released on November 20, 2003) from the “Number Ones″ album

-Date of shooting : November 17, 2003

-Date of premiere : November 19, 2010

-Directed by : Nicolas Brandt

-Official release :  Released on DVD in 2010 (Vision) and on Michael Jackson’s You Tube official page.

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