Blood On The Dance Floor : Singles and Videos (1997)


1st single : Blood On The Dance Floor : released on March 21, 1997

Music video directed by : Vincent Paterson

Date of shooting : February 10-15, 1997

Date of premiere : April 2, 1997

Official release : On DVD in 1997 (History on Film Vol 2) in 2003 (Number Ones) and in 2010 (Vision) and on Michael’ You Tube official page.

2nd single Ghosts : released on July 30, 1997

The music video for “Ghosts” is a five-minute cut-down of the short film of the same title directed by Stan Winston.

Date of shooting : April-May 1996

Dates of premiere :  October 25, 1996 : Ghosts 1996 long version

May 8, 1997 : Ghosts 1997 long version

June 1997 : Ghosts 1997 short version

Official release : The 1997 long version of Ghosts was released on VHS/Laser Disc in 1997 (Deluxe Collector Box Set). The short film was never released on DVD and never released on Michael’s official You Tube page…

The short version was released on DVD in 2010 (Vision) and on Michael’ You Tube official page.

Short version

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