TV Performances 1980-1989

Motown 25.jpg

-January 1980 : Michael performs When You Wish Upon A Star and Ease On Down The Road in Disneyland for a Disney Channel Special celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom.

Michael performs Rock With You & Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough at a UNICEF benefit concert which is broadcasted on TV.

-March 2, 1981 :  CBS airs a Diana Ross’s TV Special featuring Michael. Together, they perform Upside Down, Rock With You & Ease On Down The Road (with Quincy Jones on the piano).

-May 6, 1982 : During an episode of Diff’Rent Strokes titled “The Music Man” Janet sings “The Magic Is Working” a song she has just recorded for her debut album.

-October 30, 1982 : Janet performs Young Love & Come Give Your Love On Me for the first time on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand and reveals why she wears a key on her ear ring.

-November 5, 1982 : Janet performs Young Love on Solid Gold.

-December 18, 1982 : Janet performs Say You Do and Young Love on the Soul Train show.

-January 1983 : Janet performs “Say You Do” on Solid Gold.

-February 10, 1983 : Janet performs Young Love on Musikladen.

-May 16, 1983 :  NBC broadcasts the two hour special Motown 25th: Yesterday, Today & Forever featuring for the first time since 1975, a performance of the six Jackson brothers for a medley of the Jackson 5 hits followed by a solo performance of Billie Jean during which Michael showcases his first ever public performance of the Moonwalk. At the end of the show, Michael joins Diana Ross and all the Motown stars on stage to pay tribute to Berry Gordy.

-September 15, 1984 : Janet performs her new single Don’t Stand Another Chance & Dream Street  on American Bandstand.

-September 29, 1984 : Season 4 premiere of “Fame” featuring Janet is aired on NBC.In the first episode Janet/Cleo performs  her new single “Two To The Power Of Love” with Jesse Borrego taking Cliff Richard’s place.

-October 27, 1984 : In Fame new episode “The Heart Of Rock N Roll”, Janet/Cleo performs “Don’t Stand Another Chance”.

-November 10, 1984  : Janet performs Don’t Stand Another Chance on the Soul Train Show.

-January 26, 1985 : In Fame’s new episode “The Heart Of Rock N Roll II”, Janet/Cleo performs a rendition of Jackson 5 hit “I Want You Back”.

-May 25, 1985 : In Fame’s season 4 finale, Janet/Cleo performs “Dream Street”. This is Janet first ever promotional music video and also her last appearance on the show.

-October 27, 1985 : Janet supports LaToya by performing background vocals on her song “Baby Sister” during a live performance at the 16th annual World Popular Song Festival in Japan.

-January 27, 1986 :  At the end of the American Music Awards ceremony, Michael joins many celebrities including Diana Ross, Janet & LaToya to sing We Are The World.

-March 29, 1986 : Janet performs What Have You Done For Me Lately on The Soul Train Show.

-April 11, 1986 : Janet performs What Have You Done For Me Lately on The Solid Soul Show.

-April 19, 1986 : Janet performs What Have You Done For Me Lately on American Bandstand.

-May 2, 1986 : Janet performs What Have You Done For Me Lately on Solid Gold.

-October, 1986 : Janet performs Control on the Soul Train Show.

Janet goes to Europe with Rene & Anthony Thomas for a short promotional tour :

-London (to tape a performance of Control on Top Of The Pops)
-Paris (to tape a performance of Nasty on TF1)
-Spain (to tape a performance of When I Think Of You)
-Germany (to tape a performance of Control)

-December 31, 1986 : Janet performs Control on Countdown to 1987.

-January  1987 : Janet goes to Tokyo to perform “Let’s Wait Awhile” on a Japonese TV Show.

-January 26, 1987 : Janet performs Control at the American Music Awards.

-February 24, 1987 : Janet opens the Grammy Awards ceremony with a medley performance of  “What Have You Done For Me Lately ” and “Nasty” featuring Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam.

-March 26, 1987 : Janet performs “Let’s Wait Awhile” on British TV show Top Of The Pops.

-March 2, 1988 : At the 30th Grammy Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York , Michael performs The Way You Make Me Feel & Man In The Mirror.

-October 1989 : Janet, Rene & the Kids (the dancers) go on promotional tour in Europe.

-London : They perform Miss You Much and Rhythm Nation on Top Of The Pops, TV PLUS, Rhythm Nation on The Royal Variety Performance & Rhythm Nation and Miss You Much on Big England Cafe.
-Paris : They perform Miss You Much at Sacrée Soirée on TF1.
-Munich : They perform Miss You Much on Peter’s Pop Show on ZDF.
-Spain : They perform Miss You Much
-Belgium : They perform Miss You Much & Rhythm Nation at the Diamond Awards Festival.

November 13, 1989 :  Michael sings You Were There during the taping of the Sammy Davis Jr 60th Anniversary TV Special.

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