January : Janet shoots the video for “What’s it Gonna Be” with Busta Rhymes.

“Ask for More” is released as a promotional single by Janet Jackson for Pepsi.

The campaign is launched as a re-branding for Pepsi internationally.

Alternate versions of the campaign also co-stars Hong Kong singer Aaron Kwok for the Asian market and aired in China, and Latino singer Ricky Martin for the Latin market and aired in Latin America.

A duet version of the song performed in Spanish by Jackson and Martin was also aired in Europe as part of the commercial campaign.

A full length promotional music video of the version with Kwok was released in Asian markets. The original version of the ad features model and dancer Rob Vinson. Dancers Tina Landon and Shawnette Heard appear in all versions of the ad along with Janet.

January 6 : Janet gets together with Teddy Riely, of the music group Blackstreet, at Broadway Stages in Long Island City to shoot the video for “Girlfriend/Boyfriend”.

Janet flies from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Japan with Rene.

January 11 : Janet accepts an American Music Awards via satellite live from Tokyo.

January 12 + 13 + 14 : Janet gives three concerts at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan.

January 13 : The Japonese pop group J-Friends releases the single “People Of The World” written and composed by Michael.

January 14-25 : Michael goes to Johabbesburg with Prince, Paris & their nanny Grace Rwaramba. On the 15th, he attends the Bar Mitzvah of the son of his friends Dean & Darren Cohen. While in South Africa, Michael takes the kids to Sun City.

January 16 + 17 + 19 + 20 :  Janet gives 4 concerts at the Osaka-jō Hall in Osaka, Japan.

January 21 : Janet gives a concert at the Nagoya Rainbow Hall in Nagaya, Japan.

January 23 : Janet gives a concert at the Hamamatsu Arena in Hamamatsu, Japan.

January 25 + 26 : Janet gives two concerts at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan.

January 26 : On his way back home , Michael stops by an hospital in Miami to be treated for a small fracture to his right wright.

January 27 : Janet, Rene & the Kids fly from Tokyo to Honolulu.

January 28 : Michael takes Prince to the emergency room of the Cedars Sinai Medical Center of Los Angeles because of a viral infection.

January 29 : LaToya is a guest on the Graham Norton Show in London, UK.

January 30 : Janet gives the 121st and last concert of the Velvet Rope Tour at the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.

February 12 : After 13 years of relationship and 8 years of marriage, Janet & Rene decide to split and soon file for divorce. Janet leaves their Malibu beach house

February  13 :  Michael hosts a party at Neverland for Prince’s second birthday with Paris, Grace, Pia & Omer.

February  21 : Michael, Dr Freeze and Brad Buxer work on “A Place With No Name” at Record One.
Michael asks Carole Bayer Sager to work on his new album and she introduces him to Rodney Jerkins,

Rodney, his brother Fred and friend LaShawn Daniel (the Darkchild Team) join the MJ Team at Record One and start working on songs for MJ.

February 24 : Michael invites the Top Epic Records Executives (Cory Rooney, Tommy Mottola, John Doelp, Dave Glew & Polly Anthony) to the Marvin’s Room in Hollywood for a listening session and he plays only one song : “Break Of Dawn” produced by Dr Freeze.

March 9 : “What’s it Gonna Be” is released as a single.

Janet is on the cover of Ebony magazine.

Mid March : Michael goes back to Sun City .

March 20 : Michael goes to Munich to announce the Michael Jackson & Friends Benefit Concerts during the German TV Show Wetten Dass.

March 21 : Janet attends the 71st Annual Academy Awards – Elton John AIDS Foundation Party at Pagani’s in Los Angeles with Shawnette & Lisa Marie Presley. She also spends time with Whitney Houston.

March 23 : Michael goes to Cape Town to give a press conference with Nelson Mandela about the benefit concerts. While in South Africa he visits Sun City.

Late March : Michael, Prince, Paris and Grace check in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Michael starts working on new songs at the Hit Factory with Cory Rooney (“She Was Lonving Me”) and the Darkchild Team.

April 03 : Michael hosts a party for Paris 1st birthday at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

April 10 : Michael arrives in London to spend the week end in London with Mohamed Al Fayed. He visits the  Craven Cottage Football Ground in London

April 11 : Michael makes a surprise visit to Liberty Radio. At night, he spends one hour speaking to his fans outside Al Fayed’s apartment on Park Lane in London. Michael talks about the “immortalising work” he wants to do in films and explains he’s now channelling his efforts more towards this type of project.

April 12 : In the office of Harrods in London, Michael gives an interview to Piers Morgan for UK tabloid Daily Mirror. The interview is published front page on April 13 + April 14

April 12-14 : Michael stops by Paris before going back to London.

May : LaToya and her business partner Jeffre Philipps launch their joint company JATAIL Enterprise.

May 1 : Michael attends the Bollywood Movie Award held at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New York. He is dressed in a black Indian suit designed by Manish Malhotra. He accepts a special “Humanitarian Award” from London-based industrialist S.P. Hinduja for his role in promoting the cause of global peace.

May 5 :  Janet goes to Monaco with Shawnette where she is presented with a Lifetime Achievment Award by Prince Albert at the World Music Awards.

May 10 : Michael attends a private screening of “Matrix” movie in Manhattan .

May 17 : In NYC Michael attends a private screening of “Star Wars Episode 1” in Manhattan with Prince and magician Uri Geller.

In LA Janet attends the ASCAP Awards where she is presented with an award and presents another to Joni Mitchell.

May 25 :Girlfriend/Boyfriend” is released as a single.

May 27 : Janet attends the Commitment to Life XI Gala to Benefit AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) at Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City where she is presented with an Award for her fight against Aids.

June 1 : Due to Prince’s sickness, Michael cancels his participation in the Pavarotti And Friends Charity Concert in Modena.

June 9 : Michael is in Munich with Prince, Paris and Grace to hold a press conference for Michael Jackson And Friends.

June 10 : They stop by Paris .

June 11 : They stop by New York where Michael meets Sony executives.

June 13-20 : Michael rehearses for the concerts in Los Angeles .

June 16 :  Janet & Swawnette attend the premiere of “The Ideal Husband” at the Paris Theatre in New York City.

June 21 : Michael arrives in Seoul with Grace and the kids.

Frank Cascio becomes Michael’s new personal assistant and he flies from NYC to Seoul.
Wayne Nagin becomes Michael’s manager and his brother Skipper new head of security.
Myung-Ho Lee becomes Michael’s new financial manager

June 23 :  Janet & Shawnette attend a party hosted by Allure Magazine at Bottino in NYC.

June 24 : Michael rehearses his performance for MJ & Friends in Seoul including the song “She’s Out Of My Life” cut from the final setlist.

June 25 : Michael performs the first charity concert in Seoul .
Backstage he spends time with Boys 2 Men and Mariah Carey.

June 26 : Michael, Frank, Grace and the kids arrive in Munich .

June 27 : Michael performs his second concert in Munich . During Earth Song, a technical problem occurs and the central section of The Bridge Of No Return collapses which hurts Michael’s feet and back (he’s taken to the hospital after the show)

June 29 : Michael, Frank, Prince, Paris and  Grace arrive in Paris and check in the Plaza Athenée Hotel.

June 30 : Michael and his friends go to see the Matrix movie on the Champs Elysées.

July 3-4 : In a studio near Paris , Michael makes a top secret photoshoot with French photograph Arnaud Bani, his make up artist Karen Faye and stylist Michael Bush.

July 5-13 : Michael Grace and the kids stay at Disneyland Paris where they are joined by Debbie & Anton Schleiter, Omer Bhatti and the Cascios kids.

July 14-24 : Michael and his entourage go to Sun City . On the 18th, they attend Nelson Mandela’s birthday.
Dominic and Connie Cascio join them.

July 25-27 : Michael and his entourage go to London where Michael meets Mohamed Al Fayed and Prince Naseem.

July 28 : Michael, Frank, Grace and the kids fly back to L.A.

Early August : After a few days at Neverland, Michael resumes the recording sessions of his new album in New York City . He moves into a beautiful Townhouse on the Upper East Side with Grace, the kids and Frank.
Rabbi Scmuley Boteach pays a visite to Michael at this townhouse and they soon become friends.

August 15 : Michael meets the Dalai Lama in NYC.

August 18 : Janet attends the Source Hip-Hop Music Awards at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood Busta Rhymes and her are presented with the Award For Best Video for “What’s It Gonna Be”.

August 29 : Michael is back at Neverland to celebrate his birthday with Grace, Prince, Paris, the Cascios & the Bhattis.

Michael decides to cancel the Millenium concerts due to take place in Hawaii & Seoul on the 31st of December.

September 4 : Michael goes to Sun City with Grace, the kids and the Cascios.

Het accepts an award and presents a cheque to Nelson Mandela during the Kora All African Awards.

September 9 : Janet attends the 16th Annual MTV Video Music Awards at the Metropolitan Opera House, Lincoln Center in New York City. Video Music Awards. She walks the red carper with Q-Tip and later she presents an award to Ricky Martin & Tina Landon.

Janet decides to delay the recording of her new album after learning that she got the part in Eddie Murphy’s new comedy “The Nutty Professor II”.

Michael & Elizabeth Taylor speak about their close friendship in Talk magazine

September 11-14 : Michael is in Disneyland Paris with the Cascios, Grace & the kids. Debbie joins them.

October 1 : Michael attends a jewish service in New York with Uri Geller & Schmuley Boteach.

October 5 : Janet starts to film the movie Nutty Professor II in Los Angeles with Eddie Murphy.

October 8 : Debbie officially files for divorce and sign a confidentiality agreement.

October 11-early November : Michael & the kids stay at Neverland.

October 23 : Birth of Royal Jackson, first child of TJ with Frances Casey, first grandchild of Tito and first great grandchild of Joe & Katherine.

November 12 : Michael plans to star as the lead actor in a film named “The Nightmares of Edgar Allan Poe” and starts working on songs for the soundtrack of the movie.

November 25 : Michael & Schmuley Boteach take their kids to see the movie Toy Story in New York for Thanksgiving.

November 30 : To celebrate Thriller as the best video ever, Michael gives an interview to MTV and appear on the cover of TV Guide with exclusive pictures/interview.

December 4 : Michael attends Whitney Houston ‘s Fund Raising Event at the Marriott Marquis hotel in New York with his old friend Gregory Peck.

December 20 : After recording over 75 songs for his new album, Michael leaves NYC and go back to Neverland for the holidays with Grace, Franck & the kids.

December 24/25 : Michael & the kids celebrate Christmas with the Cascios & the Bhattis at Neverland.

Previous year : 1998

Following year : 2000

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