Michael & LaToya visits the set of US prime time soap opera “Dynasty” and meet the actress Joan Collins.

  • January 13 :

“What Have You Done For Me Lately” is released as the 1st single from “Control” and becomes Janet first TOP 10 hit on the Billboard.

  • January 27:

Michael arrives half-way through the American Music Awards ceremony in company of Elizabeth Taylor where he, Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie and Ken Kragen receive awards for We Are The World.

Katherine, LaToya, Rebbie & Janet also attend the ceremony (Janet makes her first public appearance with new boyfriend Rene Elizondo Jr)

At the show’s conclusion, MJ joins many celebrities including Diana Ross, Janet & LaToya to sing We Are The World.

  • February:

Michael is asked to be best man at the wedding of Diana Ross & Arne Naess but he cancels at the last minute and stops talking to Diana…

  • February 2:

Michael gives a 5 minutes interview about Quincy Jones for CBS 60 minutes programme.

  • February 4 :

The album Control is released and becomes a huge success in . For the first time of her life, Janet is considered as an artist and not as Michael Jackson’s little sister. She gives many TV, Radio & magazine interviews to promote the album.

  • February 17 :

The video for “What Have You Done For Me Lately” is premiered on BET.

  • February 25:

Michael, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones & Stevie attend the Grammy Awards where We Are The World receives four awards.

  • March 8:

Heart transplant recipient Donna Ashlock visits Michael at Hayvenhurst. She stays for lunch and watches a movie with Michael.

  • March 29 :

Janet performs What Have You Done For Me Lately on The Soul Train Show


  • March 31 :

Janet & Rene Elizondo Jr start dating.

Janet appears on the cover of Jet magazine.

  • April:

Michael accompanies Elizabeth Taylor to the opening of the Hollywood Park Race Track in Inglewood .

  • April 11:

Janet performs What Have You Done For Me Lately on The Solid Soul Show.

  • April 15 :

“Nasty” is released as the 2nd single from “Control”.

Janet premieres the video at her home movie theatre in Hayvenhurst for Michael & the family. The video is directed by Mary Lambert and choreographed by Paula Abdul and Anthony Thomas.

  • April 19:

Janet performs What Have You Done For Me Lately on American Bandstand.

  • May :

Michael, Elizabeth, Lionel Richie & Mikhail Baryshnikov attend the LA Bullet Opening Night party in Los Angeles.

Michael attends Jermaine’s concert in Los Angeles with Janet & LaToya. He is disguised as “Uncle Willy”.

  • May 2 :

Janet performs What Have You Done For Me Lately on Solid Gold.

  • May 9:

Michael with Emmanuel Lewis & aides stay at the Hemsley Palace Hotel.

  • May 10:

Michael & Emmanuel attend the Sunday matinee of Broadway’s Big Deal

  • May 12:

During a press conference at New York ’s Red Parrot, Pepsi announces a new contract with Michael for a reported $15 million and he receives a Guinness Book of World Records plaque for having received the largest fee ever for a product endorsement.

  • May 13:

On their last evening in New York , Michael & Emmanuel watch The Little Shop Of Horrors.

  • May 24 :

Janet is on the cover of UK’s NME magazine.

  • June:

Michael & Corey Feldman go to Disneyland . For the first time, Michael is seen in public with a surgical mask.


  • July 28 :

“When I Think Of You” is released as the third single from “Control” along with a video. It is Janet first ever Number 1 the hot 100 US Billboard.

The video is directed by Julian Temple and choreographed by Paula Abdul.

Janet’s nephews TJ & Taryll make a cameo in the video.

  • July 30:

Michael attend the funeral of film director Vincento Minnelli with his daughter Liza & widow Lee at the Forrest Lawn Cemetary in Glendale, California.

  • August:

After writing many songs, Michael starts recording a new album with Quincy Jones.

  • September:

Janet is on the cover of Ebony magazine.

Michael attends the concert of the Norwegian group A-Ha in Hollywood with good friend Sophia Loren and arrives in a surgical mask.

  • September 5 :

Janet attends the MTV Video Music Awards where she presents an award.

  • September 12:

Captain EO, Michael’s 17 minute 3-D musical fantasy is premiered at Epcot Center in Disneyworld ( Florida ) and the day after in Disneyland ( California ).

  • September 16:

Michael appears on the cover of National Enquirer in an oxygen chamber


  • October :

Janet goes to Europe with Rene & Anthony Thomas for a short promotional tour :
-London (to tape a performance on on Top Of The Pops)
-Paris (to tape a performance of Nasty on TF1)
-Spain (to tape a performance of When I Think Of You)
-Germany (to tape a performance of Control)
-Italy (to give an interview)


  • October 21 :

“Control” is released as the fourth single from “Control”.

The music video is directed by Mary Lambert and features a live performance recorded at the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles with Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, Jellybean Johnson & Jerome Benton.

It’s choreograped by Paula Abdul & Anthony Thomas.

Janet Dubois from Good Times plays Janet’s mother in the video.

Janet performs Control on the Soul Train Show.

  • November:

Michael & Elizabeth Taylor attend a Liza Minnelli concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Hollywood .

Michael & Run-DMC work together on an anti-drug song.

  • November 19-29:

Michael films a 16 minutes video for the song Bad directed by Martin Scorsese and featuring Wesley Snipes. Scenes are filmed in Dobbs Ferry , a tiny hamlet in upstate New York and in a subway of Brooklyn . The song and video tell the story of Daryl, a black youth from the ghetto who returns home from his private school.

Elizabeth Taylor, Quincy Jones & Sean Lennon visit Michael on the set.

  • November 19 :

Michael attends the Little Shop Of Horrors premiere at the Beekman Theatre in NYC.

  • December:

Rumours circulate about Michael having an affair with his make-up artist Karen Faye.

  • December 10:

Michael attends a presentation by the American Friends Of The Hebrew University where Steven Spielberg receives the coveted Scopus Award.

  • December 19:

Michael attends a performance of The Little Shop Of Horror.

  • December 26:

Jermaine’s mistress, Margaret Maldonado gives birth to a baby boy named Jeremy Jackson while Jermaine’s wife Hazel is pregnant from him…

  • December 31 :

Janet performs Control on Countown to 1987.

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