January : Michael wins a Golden Globe Award for Ben.

January 10 : The Jackson 5 appear on the Dick Cavett Show.

February : The single “Hallelujah Day” is released by Motown.

The Jackson 5 World Tour 1973-1976 : 1st leg US

2 March Coliseum Oklahoma City, OK United States
3 March Coliseum Monroe, LA United States
4 March Astrodome Houston, TX United States

March 9 : Katherine files for divorce after finding out about Joe’s affair but she withdraws her demand a couple of months later.

March 27 : Michael performs “Be”n at the Academy Awards (the song is nominated as best song for a film)

March 29 : The album “Skywriter” is released by Motown.

April 13 : The album “Music & Me” is released by Motown.

April 22 : The Jackson 5 arrive in Tokyo . While in Japon, they take time to visit Buddhist temples, art museums and the Oriental Gardens of the Takanawa Prince Hotel.

The Jackson 5 World Tour 1973-1976 : 2nd leg Japan`

27 April Imperial Theater Tokyo Japan
28 April Yubin Chokin Hall Hiroshima Japan
30 April Koseinankin Hall Osaka Japan
1 May Festival Hall Osaka Japan
2 May Budokan Tokyo Japan

May 3 : The Jacksons 5 fly back home.

May 5 : The single “With A Child’s Heart” is released by Motown.

The Jackson 5 World Tour 1973-1976 : 3rd leg US

5 May Coliseum Portland, OR United States
6 May Seattle Center Coliseum Seattle, WA United States
18 May Spectrum Philadelphia, PA United States
19 May Hara Arena Dayton, OH United States
20 May St John Arena Columbus, OH United States

June 22 : The Jackson 5 arrive in Brisbane . They are the first black group ever to tour in Australia.

The Jackson 5 World Tour 1973-1976 : 4th leg Australia & New Zealand

23 June Brisbane Festival Hall Brisbane Australia
26 June Festival Hal Melbourne Australia
1 July Apollo Stadium Adelaide Australia
2 July Hordern Pavilion Sydney Austrlia
4 July Town Hall Christchurch New Zealand
5 July Athletic Park Wellington New Zealand

The Jackson 5 World Tour 1973-1976 : 5th leg US

13 July Boston Gardens Boston, MA United States
14 July Veterans Memorial Coliseum New Haven, CT United States
15 July Civic Center Providence, RI United States
17 July Hiram Bithorn Stadium San Juan Puerto Rico

20 July Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA United States
21 July Pocono State Fair Long Pond, PA United States
22 July Madison Square Garden New York, NY United States
24 July International Amphitheater Chicago, IL United States
25 July International Amphitheater Chicago, IL United States
27 July Public Auditorium Cleveland, OH United States
28 July Olympia Stadium Detroit, MI United States
29 July Indianapolis, IN United States
3 August Coliseum, Richmond, VA United States
4 August Hampton Roads Coliseum Hampton, VA United States
5 August Civic Center Baltimore, MD United States
7 August Coliseum Greensboro, NC United States
8 August Municipal Auditorium Nashville, TN United States
10 August Carolina Coliseum Columbia, SC United States
11 August The Omni Atlanta, GA United States
12 August Convention Center Miami, FL United States
17 August Mid-South Coliseum Memphis, TN United States
18 August Kiel Auditorium St Louis, MO United States
19 August Indiana State Fair Indianapolis, IN United States
21 August Municipal Auditorium New Orleans, LA United States
22 August Memorial Auditorium Dallas, TX United States
24 August Cow Palace San Francisco, CA United States
25 August The Forum Los Angeles, CA United States
26 August Las Vegas, NV United States
29 August Montreal, QB Canada
31 August Ohio State Fair Columbus, OH United States
2 September International Center Arena Honolulu, HI United States

August : The single “Get It Together” is released by Motown.

August 4 : Dee Dee gives birth to Toriano Jackson 2 (Taj)

August 6 : The Jackson 5 are on the cover of Soul Magazine.

August 24 : The single “Skywriter” is released in the UK only.

September 12 : The album “Get It Together is” released by Motown.

October : The single “Music And Me” is released by Motown.

October 4 : Tito Dee Dee & Taj are on the cover of Jet Magazine.

November 17 : The Jackson 5 are special guests at the Soul Train Show where they perform “Dancing Machine”, “You’re in Good Hands” (by Jermaine), “With A child’s Heart” (by Michael) & “Don’t Say Goodbye Again”.

December : Michael & The Jackson 5 have appeared on the front cover of every issue of Right on! Magazine in 1973!

December 15 : Jermaine leaves Hayvenhurst and gets married to Hazel Gordy, daughter of Berry Gordy. The whole family attends the wedding including Michael & Janet.

December 18 : Jermaine & Hazel are on the cover of Jet Magazine.

Previous year : 1972

Following year : 1974

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