-January : The Jackson 5 receive the NAACP’s Image Award for Best Singing Group Of The Year.

The Jackson 5 Second National Tour 1971

2 January Miami Beach Auditorium Miami Beach, FL
3 January Civic Center Mobile, AL
29 January Arena Dayton, OH
30 January St John Arena Colombus, OH
31 January West Side High School Gary, IN
26 March Fort Worth, TX
27 March Dallas, TX
28 March Houston, TX
1 April Mid-South Auditorium Memphis, TN
4 April Mississippi Coliseum Jackson, MS
5 April Monroe, LA
6 April New Orleans, LA
7 April City Auditorium Atlanta, GA (two shows: 4:00 and 8:00 p.m.)
9 April Louisville, KY
10 April Cleveland, OH

28 May Spectrum Philadelphia, PA
29 May Coliseum Indianapolis, IN
30 May Myriad Convention Center Oklahoma City, OK
22 June Summerfest Milwaukee, WI
16 July Madison Square Garden New York, NY
17 July Civic Arena Charleston, WV
18 July Hampton Roads Coliseum Hampton, VA
20 July Coliseum Charlotte, NC
21 July Sports Arena Toledo, OH
23 July International Amphitheater Chicago, IL
24 July Cincinnati Garden Cincinnati, OH
25 July Olympia Stadium Detroit, MI
27 July Coliseum Flint, MI
28 July Allen County War Memorial Fort Wayne, IN
30 July Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA
31 July Civic Center Baltimore, MD
1 August Dorton Arena Raleigh, NC
2 August Coliseum Macon, GA
6 August Coliseum Greensboro, NC
7 August Columbia Coliseum Columbia, SC
8 August Miami Beach Auditorium Miami Beach, FL
10 August Curtis Hixon Auditorium Tampa, FL
11 August Municipal Auditorium Birmingham, AL
13 August Municipal Auditorium Kansas City, MO
14 August Kiel Auditorium St. Louis, MO
15 August Mid-South Coliseum Memphis, TN
17 August Garrett Coliseum Montgomery, AL
18 August Assembly Center Tulsa, OK
20 August Coliseum Denver, CO
26 August Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles, CA
28 August Ohio State Fair Columbus, OH
29 August Iowa State Fair Des Moines, IA
31 August Canadian National Exhibition Toronto, ON
9 September Michigan State Fair Detroit, MI
12 September HIC Arena Honolulu, HI
10 October Black Expo, International Amphitheater Chicago, IL
15 October International Amphitheater Chicago, IL
24 December Los Angeles, CA (charity concert for the Foundation for the Junior Blind)
27 December Coliseum Houston, TX
28 December Memorial Auditorium Dallas, TX
29 December Scope Norfolk, VA
30 December Coliseum Richmond, VA (breaks attendance record at 12,780)


-January 7 : The single Mama’s Pearl is released by Motown (number 2 on the Hot 100 Billboard)

-January 31: The Jackson 5 return to Gary ( Indiana ) for the first time to play two benefits concerts for for Mayor Richard Hatcher’s re-election campaign at Westside High School and they receive the key to the city. A ceremony is held outside their former home at 2300 Jackson Street. The event is filmed for a TV Special.

-March : Motown releases J5’s new single, Never Can Say Goodbye (number 2 on the Hot 100 Billboard)

-March 16 : The Jackson 5 attend the Grammy Award Ceremony where ABC wins an award for Best Pop Song.

-March 27 : Concert in Shreveport ( Louisiana )

-March 29 : The Jackson 5 are guests on The Stephanie Edwars Show where they chat and listen to their new single Never Can Say Goodbye.

-April 1 : Concert in Memphis ( Tennessee )

-April 2 : Concert in Tampa ( Florida )

-April 4 : Concert in Jackson (Mississipi)

-April 12 : The album Maybe Tomorrow is released by Motown.

-April 18 : The Jackson 5 appear with Diana Ross on her first solo TV Special. They perform Mama’s Pearl/Walk On/The Love You Save, It Was a Very Good Year (Spoof by Michael), I’ll Be There and Feelin’ Alright (with Diana) + a sketch with Bill Cosby.

-April : Michael appears on the covers of Rolling Stone Magazine and Soul Illustrated.

-May 5 : The Jackson family moves into a new house that they just purchased in Encino, they call their new home Hayvenhurst.

They share 6 rooms  : Katherine/Joe, Jackie/Randy Rancifer, Tito/Johnny Jackson, Jermaine/Marlon, Michael/Randy, LaToya/Janet).

-May 6 : Rebbie gives birth to Stacee Brown.

-May 28 : Concert in Philadelphia (Pensylvania)

-May 30 : Concert in Oklahoma City ( Oklahoma )

-June : The single Maybe Tomorrow is released by Motown (number 20 on the Hot 100 Billboard)

-July 16 :  The Jackson 5 kick off their summer tour at the Madisin Square Garden of New York. The opening act is a new group named The Comodores with lead singer Lionel Richie.

A former Los Angeles police officer named Bill Bray is hired for security. He will eventually becomes Michael head of security until 1996!

-September : The Jackson 5 are on the covers of Life, Ebony & Creem magazines.

-September 7 : The album Goin’ Back To Indiana is released by Motown.

-September 11 : An animated cartoon series based on The Jackson 5 debuts on ABC. Their speaking voices are not used but their songs are with Mama’s Pearl being the theme tune.

-September 12 : Last concert of the summer tour at Honolulu ( Hawaii )

-September 19 : Goin’ Back To Indiana, the Jackson 5 first TV Special is aired on ABC. The special includes the group performing theit hits, acting in skits with guest Bill Cosby and the Smothers Brothers and footage of the celebration filmed in their hometown of Gary back in January.

-October : The Jackson 5 are on the cover of the very first issue of Right On! Magazine.

-October 7 : Motown releases Michael’s first solo single Got To Be There.

-November : The single Sugar Daddy is released by Motown (number 10 on the Hot 100 Billboard)

-November 4 : The Jackson 5 perform a medley of I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save + Never Can Say Goodbye on the Flip Wilson Show.

-December 9 : Motown releases the first greatest hits of the Jackson 5.

-December : The Jackson 5 are on the cover of Right On!

Motown releases J5 new singles “Little Bitty Pretty One ” (number 13 on the Hot 100 Billboard) and “Lookin’ Through the Windows (number 16 on the Hot 100 Billboard)


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