Y&R 1986

Shawn Garrett forced a pregnant Lauren to divorce Paul Williams and move in with him by threatening to have Paul killed by a professional hit man. After moving in with Shawn, Lauren tried to contact Paul and let him know she still loved him. However, Shawn watched Lauren too closely to allow her to make any contact with her former husband. Lauren finally agreed to tour Japan with Shawn by her side. Initially, Shawn thought that Lauren was thrilled with touring Japan together. However, he discovered that Lauren was repulsed by him and was only trying to keep Paul alive. Angered, Shawn arranged to bury Lauren alive in San Francisco.

To locate Lauren, Paul and Andy sought the help of Tamra, a psychic friend of Lauren’s. Tamra used her psychic powers and discovered Lauren’s whereabouts. When Paul and Andy rescued Lauren, Shawn was killed in a fury of gunfire. Sadly, the ordeal caused Lauren to miscarry. At first, Paul had a difficult time accepting Lauren’s bizarre explanation for divorcing him, but after weighing the facts, Paul decided that she was telling the truth and they reconciled.

Bored with being a housewife, Lauren persuaded Paul to let her join his investigation agency as a private eye. Lauren also submitted a nude photo of her husband, with his knowledge, to a contest being held by a women’s magazine. Paul’s entry won and his photo soon appeared as a centerfold. When Paul discovered the truth, thanks to a church friend of his mom’s, he attempted to buy every available copy of the magazine and destroy them. He was also infuriated with Lauren.

Andy Richards and Diane divorced. Soon after, Andy fell in love with the mysterious Faren, a singer. Although Andy was anxious to have a relationship with Faren, she refused to make any commitments and was reluctant to discuss her past. Eventually, Faren confessed to Andy that she had lost her memory and had no recollection of her real identity. Andy accepted Faren’s story, but Lauren was suspicious. Thanks to Lauren’s suspicions, Faren underwent a battery of medical tests, but they proved inconclusive.

While Lauren encouraged a disappointed Diane to reconcile with Andy, he was only interested in having a friendship with his ex-wife. Soon after, Andy and Faren married, with Lauren’s grudging acceptance. After their honeymoon, a man showed up on Lauren’s doorstep, claiming to be Faren’s husband.

Traci Abbott was elated when Brad Carlton, the Abbotts’ sexy young gardener, asked her on a date. But Jack Abbott suspected that Brad was only interested in romancing Traci because of her link to the Abbott fortune. Despite Jack’s suspicions, Brad succeeded in landing a job at Jabot. With Traci’s assistance and encouragement, Brad excelled at his new job and won John’s approval. Soon after, Traci and Brad married. To Jack’s disappointment, Brad’s future at Jabot was made solid when he married Traci.

Cricket Blair befriended two pregnant teenage runaways, Mollie and Nina. With Danny Romalotti’s help, Cricket orchestrated a reunion between Mollie and her mom. Nina, however, wasn’t as fortunate. She lost her baby to Rose DeVille, who operated a black market baby ring. Danny and Cricket agreed to help Nina locate the people who had adopted her baby boy.

As Ashley Abbott’s romance with Victor Newman escalated, Nikki looked for ways to end her ex-husband’s relationship. When it became clear that Victor intended to marry Ashley, Nikki turned to Jack Abbott for emotional comfort, but he wasn’t interested in resuming their romance.

Victor encouraged his brother, Matt, to romance Nikki, so that his daughter Victoria would have a man in her life. However, Victor’s feelings for Nikki changed when he learned from her sister, Casey, that Nikki was suffering from a potentially terminal illness. In order to insure that Nikki’s last days were happy, Victor reconciled with her. Meanwhile, Ashley discovered that she was pregnant with Victor’s baby. Just as she was about to break the news to Victor, she accidentally heard him and Casey discussing Nikki’s health. With Victor and Nikki back together, Ashley found herself alone. Realizing the dilemma that Ashley was in, as an unwed mother, Matt volunteered to marry her.

John Abbott discovered that his son, Jack, was the man in the photos with his wife, Jill. He ordered Jack to move out. But Jill won partial control of John’s company, Jabot, as part of her hefty divorce settlement from John, after she threatened to expose to the press John’s reason for divorcing her.

Shunned by his family, and out of a job, Jack blamed Jill as the source for all of his problems. When Jill was shot in her bathroom, she accused Jack of pulling the trigger. Rather than create more hurt for his father by having his affair to Jill made public, Jack confessed to shooting Jill. He was sentenced to work during the day in a shelter for homeless people, while spending his evenings in prison. Eventually, Jack fell in love with Ellen Winters who ran the shelter. But Ellen ended their romance because she felt that Jack deserved someone more worldly and sophisticated.

Meanwhile, the culprit who shot Jill was still at large. Eventually, Jill discovered that Sven, her former masseur, had tried to kill her. Sven kidnapped Jill and locked her in a refrigerated meat locker, where he left her to die. Fortunately, Jill was rescued by Jack and Carl Williams. Soon after, Jack was released from prison.

After spending several years in a Swiss boarding school, Jill’s teenage son, Phillip, resurfaced in Genoa City for the summer. Rather than see his mother, Phillip moved in with Katherine Chancellor, who was welcomed his company. Katherine persuaded Phillip to enroll in a nearby school and he even agreed to take his father’s last name, Chancellor.


Y&R 1985

After discovering that the mob, headed by Mr. Anthony, had a contract on him, Tyrone Jackson disguised himself as a white man named Robert. Tyrone also used the disguise to infiltrate the mob so that he could obtain valuable information about their dealings and ultimately destroy them. While posing as Robert, Tyrone romanced Mr. Anthony’s daughter Alana. Eventually, he persuaded Alana to marry him. On their wedding night, Alana discovered the truth about Tyrone. Shocked, she left town. Mr. Anthony died, paving the way for a reconciliation between Tyrone and Amy. But to Tyrone’s disappointment, he discovered that he had a competitor for Amy’s affection, a one-time hood named Kong.

Dina Abbott Mergerson was in a constant state of agitation now that her former lover, Brent Davis, was back in town. Eventually, Ashley Abbott, Dina’s daughter, learned that Brent was her real father. Traumatized by the news, Ashley wandered through tone in a haze and was picked up by a truck driver. The driver tried to take advantage of Ashley’s unstable condition, but she managed to fend him off. Soon after, she landed a job at a roadside diner and called herself “Annie.” One afternoon, the truck driver wandered into the diner, realized Ashley’s true identity and used it to his advantage. He phoned John Abbott, said he knew of Ashley’s whereabouts and then demanded a ransom. Fortunately, Victor Newman managed to locate Ashley and rescued her from the truck driver. He returned Ashley to Genoa City, but she was no condition to go home. Instead, she stayed at the Newmans’ home, which troubled Nikki.

Ashley finally forgave her real father and not long after, Brent Davis died. After Ashley recuperated from her trauma she found herself attracted to Victor, who returned the attention. Feeling neglected, Nikki had an affair with Jack Abbott. But Nikki realized that her heart belonged to Victor and vowed to save her marriage. In order to get Ashley out of the way, Nikki tried to pair Ashley with Victor’s brother, Matt Miller. Ashley found Matt appealing, but she was too involved with Victor to think about seeing another man. Nevertheless, Ashley agreed to see Matt romantically.

Jack tried to keep his mind off Nikki by resuming his former position as president of Jabot Cosmetics. Marc Mergeron sold his shares of Mergeron Enterprises to Victor Newman for a hefty profit and left town. Victor’s former wife, Julia, also packed her bags and left with her infant daughter.

Douglas Austin found himself frustrated that Boobsie wasn’t interested in accepting his affections. Eventually, he devised a scheme that he was confident would win Boobsie’s sympathy. Douglas pretended that he was dying from a mysterious illness. Fearing that she could lose Douglas forever, Boobsie realized that she loved him. Even after Boobsie found out that Douglas had fooled her, she continued to love him. Soon after, they married.

With the incriminating photos of Jill and Jack still in her possession, Katherine Chancellor hatched a plan guaranteed to torment Jill. She cut a copy of the photos into small pieces and sent them to John Abbott, one by one. In order to protect Jack, Katherine refrained from sending the piece that would reveal his identity. When the puzzle was finally completed, John was so upset that he suffered a stroke.

Jill tried to convince John that the photo had been taken long before she married him. But John didn’t buy her story. He filed for divorce. Desperate to stay married to John, Jill pretended to slip into a deep depression. Katherine, however, convinced John that Jill was only pretending to be depressed. John ordered Jill out of his house. Realizing that things were hopeless between them, Jill tried to win as much money from John as possible. She also became romantically involved with the Abbotts sexy young gardener, Brad Carlton.

Lauren’s mother, JoAnna, returned to Genoa City, with the hope of reconciling with her former husband, Neil. But to JoAnna’s disappointment, Neil was already in love with Gina Roma. Lauren, who wanted to see her parents reunited, checked into Gina’s background and discovered that Gina was an ex-con. Lauren exposed Gina’s secret to Neil, who soon broke off their relationship. Gina vowed to get even with Lauren. But Lauren already had enough problems to content with, most notably her marriage to Paul Williams, which had hit a bumpy road.

Although Paul was anxious to start a family, Lauren only pretended that she wanted to get pregnant. Instead, she pursuing her singing career. Meanwhile, Shawn Garrett grew jealous of Lauren’s professional partnership with Danny Romalotti and sought to get him out of the picture. Shawn began slipping Danny poison, which affected his voice and jeopardized his music career. Shawn also taped Lauren’s private conversations with Paul. Lauren and Paul briefly separated, but reconciled, which infuriated Shawn. In order to keep Lauren under his control, Shawn threatened to murder Paul if Lauren didn’t abide by his wishes.

Traci Abbott pursued a music career, despite being undermined by Lauren. Traci’s marriage to Danny, however, proved to be short-lived. Traci miscarried and they divorced. Nevertheless, Traci and Danny continued to be friends. Tim tried to rekindle a romance with Traci, but Traci discovered that Tim’s new wife was pregnant. Fed up with Tim’s emotional abuse, Traci rebuffed his advances. Instead, she focused her attention on Brad Carlton.


Y&R 1984

After a spiteful Alison revealed that Victor Newman was the true father of Nikki’s baby, Nikki’s husband, Kevin, left town. Meanwhile, Nikki continued to be in the dark about the real paternity of her daughter. Rick Daros proposed marriage to Nikki. Instead, Nikki suggested that they live together and Rick agreed. However, after Nikki moved in with Rick, he underwent a character transformation and became obsessed with her. It was soon discovered that Rick’s tyrannical jealousy drove him to murder his first wife, Melissa. Rick kidnapped Nikki and dragged her to St. Croix, a small island in the Pacific. Victor, Andy and Paul realized that Nikki’s life was in danger. They trailed her to the small island and rescued her.

Soon after, Nikki discovered that Victor was Victoria’s father, and Nikki fell in love with Victor again. Eventually, they made plans to marry, but the ceremony came close to being destroyed by Eve Howard, who had escaped the loony bin. Fortunately, Eve was recaptured, and the couple exchanged vows. After they became husband and wife, Nikki arranged for Victor to be reunited with his mother, Cora Miller. But the reconciliation was brief. Cora soon died from a terminal illness. Meanwhile, Victor lent emotional support to his pal, Douglas Austin, who was pursuing a hooker named Boobsie Calwell.

Before Victor’s reconciliation with Nikki, he became briefly involved with his ex-wife Julia. The affair was short-lived. After a one-night encounter with Eric Garrison, Julia discovered that she was pregnant. She prematurely gave birth to a baby daughter. Eric didn’t know that he was the infant’s dad and he continued to be interested in Ashley Abbott. Meanwhile, Victor learned the truth about the paternity of Julia’s baby, but he stayed silent.

Soon after, Jack Abbott divorced Patty, and he fought with his sister, Ashley, for control of Jabot. Jack’s personal life was also in shambles. His lover, Diane Jenkins, accepted a marriage proposal from Andy Richards. Jack’s turned to his young step-mom, Jill Foster Abbott, for sexual comfort. Jill, however, was so jealous of Jack’s lingering feelings for Diane that she constantly fought with him. Anxious to patch things up with Jill, Jack followed her to a remote cabin. During a heavy snowstorm, they were temporarily stranded. Their lovemaking at the cabin was captured on film by Lindsay Wells, a former lover of Jack’s. Lindsay blackmailed Jill and Jack. And Jill discovered that she was pregnant, but she miscarried. John Abbott was so irate by his wife’s behavior that he resumed seeing his first wife, Dina.

In order to obtain the incriminating photos that Lindsay took, Jack arranged to marry her in a fake ceremony. But Lindsay discovered Jack’s scheme and sold the photos to Katherine Chancellor. Jill was so worried that Katherine would share the photos with her husband, John, that she vowed to finally destroy her longtime nemesis.

Ashley stopped seeing Eric Garrison and fell for Marc Mergeron, who turned out to be her mother’s stepson. But Ashley eventually broke it off with Marc because he was too dominating. Marc became briefly involved with Jill. And Victor decided to take advantage of the tension between the Abbotts.

Paul Williams fell for Lauren Fenmore after he caught her shoplifting. Their romance caused Lauren to lose interest in Danny. Paul and Lauren married, but Lauren continued to perform with Danny Romalotti’s rock band. After the marriage, Lauren befriended Shawn Garrett, who introduced himself to her as her biggest fan.

Dina Abbott Mergerson’s former lover, Brent Davis, returned to Genoa City.

Traci Abbott recovered from her diet pill addiction. Soon after, she fell in love with her college instructor, Tim Sullivan. She became pregnant, but when she decided to break the news to Tim, she found him in bed with another woman. Feeling distraught and alone, Traci attempted suicide. Traci’s life was saved by Cricket Blair, a teen model. Traci’s friend, Danny, agreed to marry her so that the baby would be legitimate. The marriage upset Patty, who had fallen for Danny. Worried that Danny would eventually develop feelings for Traci, Patty left town. Meanwhile, Tim discovered that Traci was pregnant and tried to reconcile with her.

Amy Lewis developed a friendship with Jazz Jackson, much to the disapproval of her dad. When Jazz’s brother, Tyrone, arrived in Genoa City, Amy immediately found herself attracted to the young, black law school student. The mob, who was anxious to have Jazz working for them again, utilized a devious scheme that endangered both Tyrone’s and Jazz’s lives.

Y&R 1983

Nikki resumed stripping at The Bayou, which was hurting for business. Her husband, Kevin was outraged, but Nikki continued stripping. Fed up with the tension in her marriage, Nikki turned to Rick Daros. While Kevin and Nikki were in the midst of divorce proceedings, Kevin befriended Julia. Kevin’s mom, Alison, arranged to have Nikki’s striptease act photographed and spliced into a porn film, hoping that it would cause Nikki to lose custody of Victoria at the divorce hearing.

Jill scheme to steal her husband John’s money included bugging Jack’s office. When Jack was in the midst of an intimate encounter with Diana, Jill phoned his pregnant wife, Patti, and suggested that she pay a surprise visit to her husband at work. Patti saw Jack and Diana making love. She was so distraught that she rushed out of the office and collapsed. Patti was rushed to the hospital, where she miscarried. Jack’s dirty deeds continued when he tried to replace Ashley’s boyfriend, Brian, at Jabot with Eric Garrison. Later, Ashley and Jack were stunned to discover that the mystery woman who was trying to buy Jabot was their mother, Dina. After Patti recovered from her miscarriage, Jack resumed his affair with Diana. When Patti overheard Jack making plans to have a vasectomy, she showed up at his office with a gun and threatened to shoot herself. Instead, Patti got caught up in the heat of the moment and shot Jack. At the hospital, doctors removed two bullets from Jack’s chest. But a third bullet paralyzed him. Meanwhile, Patti wiped the incident from her mind. A subsequent surgery enabled Jack to walk again. During Jack’s absence from Jabot, John appointed Ashley president. She was so good that, when Jack returned to work, John kept Ashley as president.

Consumed with stress because of her faltering marriage, Patti began seeing a therapist. At the therapist’s suggestion, Jack agreed to help reenact the stress that triggered Patti’s blackout. When the reenactment takes place, Patti suddenly recalled that she had shot Jack and her reasons for doing so. Soon after, Patti divorced Jack and left town.

The Abbotts were thrown into turmoil when John suffered a heart attack. However, he recovered. In an effort to keep John interested in their marriage, Jill pretended that she was pregnant. Soon after, she and Jack ended up spending the night at a remote cabin and making love during a snowstorm. A stranger stood outside the cabin’s window, snapping photographs of the couple.

Paul Williams worked to clear his father, Carl, of criminal charges when Carl was set up by the mob, who resented the police detective’s efforts to smash their syndicate. Paul’s involvement with Cindy, a reformed prostitute, also nearly destroyed his family. Paul was forced into hiding by the mob. To lure Paul out, they kidnapped his mom, Mary. Fortunately, Paul and Carl rescued Mary and the mob was put behind bars–with the exception of Tony DiSalvo. The charges against Carl were dropped. Nikki agreed to marry DiSalvo, the mobster who had possession of the steamy flick that Alison had created, when he promised to destroy the tape. Paul and Andy rescued Nikki before the wedding ceremony could take place. DiSalvo was so angry that he tried to shoot Paul, but Cindy shielded Paul’s body and took the bullet instead. Before DiSalvo could fire another shot, Jazz, a friend of Paul’s, shot and killed the mobster.

Nikki’s problems continued when Alison kidnapped Victoria and fled the country. Rick tracked Alison down in England and told her to return Victoria. He revealed that Kevin wasn’t the baby’s father. Victor was. After Rick returned Victoria to Nikki, their relationship picked up steam. Victor watched as their romance continued to grow, but he resisted telling Nikki that he knew he was Victoria’s real father.

Eve and her friend Max concocted a diabolical plot to poison Victor. Julia overheard a smidgen of their plan on the phone and warned Victor that he was in danger. Julia suspected that Eve was involved in the poisoning, and eventually she proved it by having the poison that Eve administered to Victor analyzed. An antidote was found and Victor regained his health. He realized that Eve had tried to poison him so that her son, whom she believed Victor had fathered, could inherit half of his wealth. To punish Eve, Victor pretended to be dead. When Julia confided to Eve that she thought Victor was murdered, and that she wanted to exhume his body for an autopsy, Eve sent Max to the graveyard to dig up the corpse. At the cemetery, Max was so shocked to see Victor alive that he fell against a pitchfork and died. Eve was carted off to the loony bin.

Ashley broke off her romance with Brian and began seeing Eric Garrison, who was also involved with Dina. Eventually, Eric ended his affair with Dina and proposed marriage to Ashley. Dina offered to help with the wedding plans. When Eric’s possessions arrived from Paris, Dina made sure that Ashley saw a portrait of her mother that Eric had painted. On the back was an inscription, ‘All my love, Eric.’ Ashley was mortified to discover that Dina and Eric were lovers.

Ashley’s sister, Traci, struggled to lose weight so that she could win Danny’s heart. But Lauren Fenmore, who was also interested in Danny, did her best to undermine Traci’s confidence. As a last resort, Traci turned to diet pills. While Traci was under the influence of the pills, she had a car accident and was rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Lauren was jealous of the concern that Danny showed the seriously injured Traci. At the hospital, Traci went into convulsions.

Y&R 1982

In 1982, Jill became romantically involved with Andy Richards, a handsome physical education instructor. But the more Jill got to know Andy, the more she wanted to change him. Not to content live on the wages that Andy earned, Jill urged him to consider taking a more lucrative job. When Andy proposed marriage, Jill reluctantly agreed. However, she was aghast when Andy suggested that they live in her mother’s old house to save on expenses.

To Jill’s surprise, John Abbott returned to Genoa City. John’s return was influenced by his desire to see how his son, Jack, was doing at running Jabot. To Jack’s disappointment, John announced that he wanted to resume an active role in running the company. Meanwhile, Jill decided that it was time she cleared things up with John about the night that he found her in bed with Jack. She arranged to meet with John and offered her explanation, but John had difficulty accepting it. Eventually, John gave in to Jill’s charms and spent time with her. Jill also began working at Jabot again.

By spring, John’s two daughters, Ashley and Traci, had moved back to Genoa City. Ashley took a job at Jabot, where she butted heads with Jack over his way of doing business. Concerned that people would think that she got the job because her father owned the company, Ashley worked under the name “Susan Ashley” in the lab, where she helped develop new fragrances for Jabot. Ashley became romantically involved with her co-worker, Brian. When Brian learned from Jack that Ashley was his sister, he angrily accused her of spying on him. However, they managed to clear things up and resumed their romance. Meanwhile, Traci struggled to overcome a weight problem and developed a crush on pop singer Danny Romalotti. Neither girl was particularly impressed by Jill and questioned her motives for seeing their father.

As John’s romance with Jill heated up, Andy saw the writing on the wall and stepped aside. When John proposed marriage to Jill, Jack tried to destroy that relationship by revealing that Jill had a young son, Phillip. John was surprised that Jill had withheld this information from her, but after meeting Phillip, John told Jill that he was still anxious to marry her. The ceremony was held in the Abbott house, with the disapproving Abbott children in attendance.

To the Williams’ horror, their teenage daughter Patty became involved with Jack. When Carl tried to break up their romance, a vengeful Jack retaliated by marrying Patty. Over time, Patty became disenchanted with the marriage and questioned if Jack was only interested in her for sex. Behind Patty’s back, Jack continued to see Diane Jenkins, a long-time girlfriend. At Jabot, Jack also hired Victor’s ex-wife, Julia, to succeed Chris Foster as the company’s new model, which enraged Diane because Jack had promised to appoint her the news Jabot model.

Lorie hired Robert Laurence to be her attorney and he waged a fierce battle to clear her of killing Vanessa. The tension created by the trial slowly caused Lorie and Lance’s romance to erode. Eventually, Vanessa’s diary turned up, which contained information about her plan to frame Lorie. Although Lorie regained her freedom, she lost Lance, who decided to rebuild his life away from Genoa City. Lori’s other sister, Chris, packed her bags, too, when her husband, Snapper, accepted a doctor’s position at a hospital in another state.

Soon after her trial, Lorie began seeing Victor Newman, which troubled Nikki, who felt inferior around the sophisticated and poised best-selling novelist. Even though Nikki was wildly attracted to Victor, he made it clear that their relationship was strictly platonic. Nikki, however, believed otherwise, even after Victor and Lori became romantically involved. When Victor proposed marriage to Lorie, she accepted. Before the ceremony, Victor handed Lorie a document that gave her control of Prentiss Industries. Shortly before the wedding ceremony, Victor searched for Lorie, who had suddenly disappeared. Instead, he found a letter from Lorie, informing him that she wasn’t interested in marrying him. Left behind with the letter was Victor’s engagement ring. Lorie packed her bags and arranged a meeting with Lucas before leaving town. To Lucas’s s surprise, Lorie announced that she had won control of Prentiss Industries from Victor and was returning the company to Lance.

With Lorie out of the picture, Nikki’s hopes of becoming involved with Victor were revived. Victor tried to discourage Nikki’s attraction by arranging for her to date someone closer to her own age, a young man named Kevin Bancroft. Nikki reluctantly agreed to see Kevin, but her feelings for Victor continued. Victor and Nikki eventually gave in to their mutual attraction and slept together. But afterward, Victor insisted that it wouldn’t happen again.

When Nikki discovered that she was pregnant, she claimed that Kevin was the father. Kevin, who considered himself an honorable man, proposed marriage to Nikki and she accepted. Their relationship was complicated by Kevin’s mom, Alison, who strongly disapproved of Nikki. In order to break Nikki and Kevin up, Alison arranged for Kevin’s former girlfriend, Caroline Harper, to come to Genoa City. After Kevin was injured in a car accident, Nikki, who felt responsible for the accident, stepped aside and opened the door for Kevin to become involved with Caroline again. Meanwhile, both Kevin and Victor learned that Nikki was pregnant with Victor’s baby, but both had difficulty accepting the truth. When Victor suggested to Nikki that she might benefit from spending time in a mental institution, Nikki disappeared. Eventually, Victor was able to locate Nikki and she returned to Genoa City.

Lorie’s sister Leslie became involved with Robert, which irritated his teenage daughter, Angela. For several years, Robert had led Angela to believe that her mother, Claire, was dead. But Claire was actually in a coma and tucked away at an institution. To Robert’s surprise, Claire’s doctor found a medical treatment that was able to help Claire regain consciousness and return home. Leslie was disappointed when Robert arranged for Claire to live with him. In order to help Claire’s recovery, Leslie broke off her romance with Robert.

Tony DiSalvo, a mobster, swore revenge against Carl Williams for having him arrested. Tony made it look as if Carl was accepting bribes from the mob. While Carl was on suspension from the police force, his son, Paul, worked behind the scenes to clear Carl’s name. Paul eventually infiltrated the mob. Paul also became involved with a young woman named Pam, who had played a role in framing his father, but Paul was actually in love with Cindy Lake, a vulnerable, young prostitute who assisted him in learning about the mob’s illicit activities.

Danny’s sister, Gina Romalotti, a petty criminal, surfaced in Genoa City after she had served her prison sentence. At first, Danny was reluctant to see his sister, but eventually he mended fences with her. He also arranged for Gina to secure a job singing at Jonas’ place.

Y&R 1981

After Julia Newman became pregnant, Victor began taping his wife’s conversations with her lover, Michael Scott. When Victor’s suspicion that Julia and Michael were lovers was confirmed, he trapped Michael in a bomb shelter in the basement of his ranch home. While Michael was being held prisoner, Victor had a monitor installed. Seeing Victor and Julia together in their home on the monitor added to Michael’s torture. Eventually, Julia discovered that Michael was being held hostage. She tried to free him. When Victor intervened, they had a struggle and Julia tumbled down a flight of stairs. She was rushed to the hospital, where she miscarried. Meanwhile, Victor discovered that he had actually fathered Julia’s baby. Soon after, Julia and Michael left town.

After jumping off a cruise ship, Katherine Chancellor ended up on an island, where she was rescued by Felipe. Soon after, she fell in love with Felipe. When Katherine became ill, Felipe arranged for her to be sent to a hospital. She wanted him to move back to Genoa City with her, but Felipe wasn’t interested and sent her a farewell letter. Katherine returned home, where she enjoyed taking revenge against her cheating husband, Derek, before finally ending their marriage.

Greg Foster divorced Nikki. During the divorce, Greg had fallen for April Stevenson. But Greg’s feelings for April turned hostile when she revealed that Paul Williams was the father of her daughter, Heather. When Heather became gravely ill, Greg convinced Paul to marry April and be a real father to Heather. Soon after, Heather recovered. Paul assisted April in trying to find her twin sister, who had been given up for adoption years ago. Meanwhile, Nikki took a job at a strip club, run by Cash, who was now dating Katherine Chancellor.

Leslie Prentiss reconciled with Lucas, but she had a difficult time making love with him. Lorie, who was worried about the reconciliation, had an affair with Lucas so that Leslie wouldn’t seek custody of her son Brooks. After tripping over one of Brooks’ toys, Leslie regained her memory and recalled that Lance was the father of her son. Leslie also sold her stock in Prentiss Industries to Victor Newman, who was looking to take control of the profitable company.

On a different front, Vanessa Prentiss learned that she was dying from a terminal illness. Vanessa utilized her last months to mastermind a vicious plot against Lorie. Meanwhile, Vanessa was disappointed when her son, Lucas, announced that he was leaving town because Leslie wasn’t in love with him.

Steve Williams resumed his job at The Chronicle. He also pressured Peggy into marrying him. But she ditched him at the altar. Soon after, both Steve and Peggy left Genoa City, but not together.

Jill fell in love with her boss, John Abbott, who was also attracted to her. They arranged a get-away trip to New Orleans, but at the last minute, John canceled the trip because he wasn’t ready to become involved with another woman. Soon after, a despondent Jill made love with John’s son, Jack. The next day, Jill’s roommate Eve, gave her a letter from John. In the letter, John said that he loved Jill and wanted to be with her. Unfortunately, the night before, John had accidentally stumbled upon Jill in Jack’s bedroom. When Jill discovered that John knew about her indiscretion, she quit her job at Jabot. But after John Abbott left town, Jack rehired her.

Patty Williams fell for Jack Abbott, against her parents’ wishes. But Patty also had a second guy who was interested in her, singer Danny Romalotti, who was closer to her age. Patty was devastated when a jealous Jill revealed that she and Jack had been secret lovers. Jack was so infuriated by Jill’s actions that he fired her from Jabot. When Danny asked Patty for a date, she graciously accepted, hoping that it would help her to forget Jack

After Chris gave birth to a baby girl, Jennifer, she told Snapper that they needed a bigger home. But Snapper was opposed to the idea. Soon after, Snapper’s former girlfriend, Sally McGuire returned to Genoa City with her and Snapper’s son, Chuckie, who was seriously ill. While Chuckie was hospitalized with a kidney problem, Sally realized that she was still attracted to Snapper.

Casey was harassed by a secret stalker, who eventually shifted his sights to Nikki. Meanwhile, Casey accepted a job in another town. Just in time, Nikki discovered that the stalker was her neighbor and friend, Edward. He admitted that he loved Nikki and had tried unsuccessfully to do away with all the men in her life, including Paul, Cash and Andy Richards, whom she had briefly dated. Edward also added that it was their destiny to be together for eternity. Edward was about to blow them both to smithereens with dynamite when Nikki was rescued by Paul.

At Douglas Austin’s urging, Victor paid a visit to The Bayou to watch Nikki perform. Victor was immediately intrigued by Nikki. He returned to watch the show several more times. He also encouraged Douglas to investigate the possibility of buying The Bayou.

Y&R 1980

Victor Newman, sensing a closeness between Julia and Brock that went beyond friendship, became jealous. Julia agreed to stay with Victor, provided he commit completely to their marriage. But Victor was convinced that Julia and Brock Chancellor were lovers, and Victor turned to Lorie Brooks for attention. Soon after, Victor provided Julia with a gun for protection when a robber attacked her. Meanwhile, Brock caught Victor and Lorie kissing, and resumed his romance with Julia.

Julia told Victor that she wanted to have a baby. But behind Julia’s back, Victor had a vasectomy. Julia also began modeling at Michael Scott’s studio, which was partly owned by Victor. Brock left town because of Julia’s inability to end her marriage to Victor. While Victor was out of town, his former secretary, Eve Howard, suddenly surfaced. Julia had hostile feelings for Eve, who d had a one-night stand with Victor. Feeling vulnerable and confused by Eve’s presence, Julia slept with Michael. Julia was immediately overwhelmed with grief. Her friendship with Brock had remained strictly platonic. But now that she had slept with Michael, Julia had actually cheated on Victor for the first time in their marriage. When Julia accepted a modeling assignment for Jabot, with Michael as the photographer, Victor suspected that they were lovers.

Katherine Chancellor had a change of heart about Derek and made him head of Chancellor Industries. George Packard, a friend of Rex’s, didn’t trust Derek and arranged for Judy Wilson to work as Derek’s secretary. But George’s plan backfired. Judy led Derek to believe that she was actually his ally. Meanwhile, Douglas Austin tried unsuccessfully to pursue a romance with Katherine. With Douglas pining for Katherine, Derek turned his romantic attention to Judy. Fed up with Derek, Katherine decided to dump him. But Derek got Katherine drunk and they made love, which hurt Douglas. While on a cruise with Derek, Katherine realized that he didn’t really love her. She jumped overboard. Katherine survived and ended up on a remote island. But Derek, who believed that she was dead, sought to take control of her assets. Mitchell Sherman, Katherine’s lawyer, persuaded Victor to regain control of Chancellor Industries to protect Sherman s client in her absence.

With trouble brewing in Lance and Lorie’s marriage, Lance began an affair with Monique. Realizing, however, that he wanted his marriage to work, Lance Prentiss sent Monique back to Paris and set his sights on wining back Lorie.

Lucas Prentiss told Lance and Lorie that he had located Leslie at Jona’s. Jona supported Lucas’s efforts to win back Leslie. But Leslie had fallen in love with Jona. Casey ended her association with Lucas after realizing that he was still hung up on his wife, Leslie. Lucas then told Lorie that Leslie had amnesia. Soon after, Lorie visited Leslie. When Leslie didn’t recognize Lorie, she didn’t reveal to Leslie that they were sisters. Eventually, after recalling more fragments of her past, Leslie returned to Genoa City, but the memories confused her. She didn’t understand how Lance could be the father of her son. Lorie worried that Leslie would soon regain her memory and demand custody of Brooks. Meanwhile, Vanessa Prentiss became Leslie’s ally because she knew that losing Brooks would destroy Lorie. But Leslie surprised Lorie when she awarded full custody of Brooks to her and Lance. Leslie explained that she couldn’t be a proper mother to a child she hardly remembered. Soon after, Leslie resumed her piano career and resolved to stay in Genoa City and regain her memory. Jona also stayed behind, and he competed with Lucas for Leslie’s love. Lucas was also jealous of Jona’s growing friendship with Casey. Vanessa met with Jona and encouraged him to take whatever means necessary to win Leslie’s love because she didn’t want to see a reconciliation between Leslie and her son, Lucas. Leslie agreed to take a cruise with Lucas, which bothered Lorie. She fretted that, if Leslie and Lucas resumed their marriage, they might seek custody of Brooks.

Jill Foster accepted a job at Jabot Cosmetics, owned by John Abbott. Jill immediately became interested in reporter Steve Williams, Carl s and Mary’s oldest son, who stopped by Jabot on an assignment. But Peggy Brooks was also attracted to Steve. Soon after, Jill was pursued by John’s playboy son, Jack, who had accepted a job at the company so that he could be close to Jill. Meanwhile, Jill took credit for Jack’s decision to work at Jabot because it made her look good to John, the man whom Jill was ultimately interested in snaring. Impressed by Jill’s ambition and talent, John awarded her with a promotion. He made her the liaison with Michael Scott’s studio and the campaign that Jabot was launching with Julia Newman as the model. Jill also became roommates with Eve Howard.

Chris Brooks befriended April Stevenson, who was distraught because of her pregnancy. Soon after, Paul Williams discovered that April was pregnant with his baby, but he refused to take responsibility. Instead, he urged April to put the baby up for adoption. April’s parents tried to pressure her into revealing the identity of her unborn baby’s father, but April remained silent. Part of April’s parents tactics included telling her that she had a twin sister, which they had given up for adoption. Eventually, they discovered that Paul was the baby’s father.

After escaping the prostitution ring, Nikki turned to the New World brotherhood, a cult. Soon after, Paul, who felt guilty about April’s pregnancy, also joined the cult because he thought that it would provide him with serenity. Eventually, Paul realized that the cult was a farce and quit. Greg, meanwhile, decided to let go of Nikki. A hitman arrived in Genoa City with plans to kill Greg. But he accidentally shot Liz, who recovered. When Nikki heard the news, she rushed to the hospital. Peggy Brooks joined forces with Steve Williams to write an expose about the cult and even infiltrated it, which nearly cost Peggy her life

Y&R 1979

Although Katherine was once again living as Derek’s wife, she worried that he would eventually leave her. To keep Derek tied to her, Katherine appointed him head of Chancellor Industries.

Leslie gave birth to a healthy baby boy, which she named Brooks. Leslie’s family, meanwhile, was baffled by her strange response to being a mother. Leslie eventually realized that she was suffering from exhaustion. This was brought on by her efforts to keep the truth from Lance about their child, and her strained marriage to Lucas, which she considered a charade. Although Leslie appreciated the support that Lucas gave her, she realized she didn’t really love him. Leslie made arrangements to leave town. She left Brooks in Lance and Lorie’s care. Shortly before Leslie’s departure she had an unsettling confrontation with Lorie, who correctly surmised that Lance was really Brooks’ father. Leslie was so traumatized by the confrontation that she suffered another nervous breakdown, which resulted in complete amnesia. Wandering aimlessly through Genoa City, Leslie found herself at Jona’s Bar. Jona, the owner, was immediately drawn to Leslie, who identified herself as Priscilla. As Leslie became more comfortable in her new surroundings, details of her former life slowly began to return. Jona promised to help Leslie reclaim her former identity, even if it potentially meant losing her. Meanwhile, Lance and Lorie quickly adapted to their parental role and soon considered Brooks their son.

After losing Leslie, Lucas turned his sights on Casey, who was making great strides in recovering from her troubled childhood. Casey was also trying to emotionally detach herself from Snapper, whose wife, Chris, had returned to Genoa City. Chris was interested in resuming a relationship with Snapper, but she had allowed too much time to pass without any contact between them. When Chris realized that Snapper was involved with Casey, she introduced herself to the new woman in her husband’s life. Since Snapper couldn’t decide which woman he wanted to see exclusively, Chris and Casey jointly decided to cut off contact with him until he was able to make a decision.

Casey’s sister, Nikki, who was not charged with killing her rapist dad, and Nikki became involved with Dr. Scott Adams. Casey was thrilled that her sister was dating a doctor because she hoped it would bring stability to Nikki’s life. At first, Scott did have a positive impact on Nikki’s life. She enrolled in college and she no longer had a desire to be promiscuous. As time went on, however, Nikki had difficulty committing to a healthier lifestyle and reverted to her former self-destructive behavior. It pained Scott to see Nikki behave that way and he broke off their relationship.

Police officer Carl Williams and his wife, Mary, found themselves trouble by their adolescent son Paul’s rebellious attitude. Like Nikki, Paul was also promiscuous. The two quickly engaged in a steamy affair. But with Paul, Nikki got more than she bargained for. He gave her gonorrhea. Soon after, Paul set his sights on April Stevens. That affair left April pregnant.

Katherine Chancellor eventually replaced Derek Thurston as head of Chancellor Industries with Victor Newman. Katherine immediately saw her profits skyrocket. Victor was a ruthless and cunning businessman with a strong competitive streak. But Victor’s wife, Julia, viewed him as cold and distant. He stayed late at the office, rarely phoning to say when he’d be home. On the few evenings that he did arrive home at a reasonable hour, Victor barely uttered a word to Julia. Even though she’d been Victor’s wife for several years, Julia felt as if she was married to a stranger. Feeling isolated and lonely, Julia turned to Katherine’s son Brock for friendship. Julia found Brock’s warm nature, which was in stark contrast to Victor’s coldness, appealing and it wasn’t long before she was interested in more than just a friendship with him.

Casey continued to work with Snapper at the clinic, where Greg was also contributing his legal services. One day when Nikki stopped by the clinic to see Casey, Nikki met Greg. She was instantly attracted to him. They began dating. Eventually, their involvement developed into serious love and they made plans to marry. But Nikki was still deal with the emotional aftermath caused by killing her father, which led her to question her self worth. When Paul learned of Nikki’s plans to wed Greg, he tried to stop her. But Nikki insisted that she loved Greg and Paul settled for being good friends with his former lover.

Meanwhile, married life proved too dull for Nikki, who decided to pursue a modeling career as a way of bringing excitement into her life. She soon signed with “La Plus Belle Rose,” a modeling agency run by Rose DeVille. It wasn’t long before Nikki discovered that Rose’s models didn’t specialize in walking down runways or posing for fashion shoots. Their main source of income was prostitution. By the time Nikki figured things out, however, she was in too deep to simply walk away. Rose arranged for Nikki to meet with a client in his hotel room. But when the man tried to pressure Nikki into having sex, she ultimately resisted. The man chased Nikki around the hotel room and suddenly collapsed from a heart attack. In a panic, Nikki called Rose, who arranged for two thugs to carry the client’s body to a nearby alley and ditch it. A street kid named Tony stumbled upon the body and went through the corpse’s pockets in search of a wallet. The police spotted Tony and booked him for murder. Ironically, Greg was appointed Tony’s public defender

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Newlyweds Lance and Lorie quickly sped through the honeymoon stage of their marriage and found themselves saddled with a major problem. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Vanessa and her jealous feelings towards Lorie. Instead, it Lance’s wayward brother, Lucas, who had a talent for stirring up trouble and an eye for the ladies. He showed up unannounced on their doorstep one day and immediately began creating havoc.

Meanwhile, Lorie attempted to build a relationship with Vanessa and even suggested that she have facial surgery for her burns. Vanessa, however, wasn’t interested in accepting Lorie as her daughter in-law, despite Lorie’s interest in correcting her disfigurement. When Vanessa discovered that Lorie’s new novel, “In my Sister’s Shadow,” chronicled her sister Leslie’s nervous breakdown, she seized upon the opportunity to undermine Lorie. While Lorie was promoting her book, word leaked out, thanks to Vanessa, that it was actually an autobiographical account of her troubled relationship with her sister, Leslie. Soon after, Leslie, who was on a grueling concert tour, found herself hounded by reporters anxiously seeking tawdry details about her nervous breakdown. Leslie became so upset at being hurled into the frenzied media’s harsh spotlight that she nearly suffered a second breakdown. When Lance heard what Lorie had done, he lashed out at her and then flew to meet Leslie and lend her emotional support. Leslie’s family was also concerned for her well being. Leslie decided to cancel her tour, but with Lance’s support, she slowly regained her confidence and resumed performing.

One evening, after a successful performance, Lance and Leslie returned to her hotel suite, where they ended up making love. The following morning, Leslie felt so guilty about their one night encounter that she encouraged Lance to patch things up with Lorie. Soon after, Leslie discovered their lone night of lovemaking had left her pregnant. Rather than risk destroying Lance and Lorie’s marriage, Leslie didn’t tell Lance that she was pregnant with his baby. Lucas, who had fallen in love with Leslie, because of her kind nature, sympathized with the position she was in and proposed marriage. Leslie appreciated Lucas’s concern for her and gradually developed feelings for him. She accepted his proposal and they married.

Jill gave up her hopes of winning back Derek and orchestrated an elaborate campaign to seduce her mother’s boyfriend, Stuart Brooks. Jill didn’t care that Stuart was already romantically involved with her mom, Liz, because Jill was primarily driven by a desire to provide her son, Phillip, with financial security. Initially, Stuart resisted Jill’s advances. But when Jill stepped up her efforts, Stuart eventually spent a weekend in Vegas with her. Soon after, in a sly attempt to trap Stuart into marrying her, Jill announced that she was pregnant. Stuart agreed to marry Jill, even though he was in love with Liz, who was heartbroken by the news. Shortly after the marriage, Jill accidentally tumbled down a flight of stairs. At the hospital, Stuart questioned Jill’s doctor about the impact the accident would have on Jill’s pregnancy. Bewildered, the doctor announced that Jill wasn’t pregnant. With Jill recuperating in a nearby hospital bed, Stuart suddenly realized that she had conned him into marrying him. When Stuart told Jill that he wanted a divorce, Jill refused.

Derek’s ex-wife Suzanne Lynch arrived in Genoa City, determined to win him back. She pretended to befriend Katherine and then supplied her with candy that was laced with a mind-altering drug. When Katherine began acting bizarre, Derek committed her to a sanitarium. Suzanne continued her dastardly scheme by sending a box of the candy to Katherine at the sanitarium. Katherine’s roommate ate some of the candy and, in a psychotic state, set fire to their room. Katherine’s roommate died in the fire and her body was burned beyond recognition. It dawned on Katherine that she had been set up by Suzanne. Thinking quickly, Katherine devised a scheme to punish Suzanne. Katherine slipped her wedding ring onto the corpse’s finger and led everyone to believe that she had died in the fire. Then, Katherine began “haunting” Suzanne. It seemed that everywhere Suzanne turned in the Chancellor mansion, she saw Katherine. Feeling tormented by what she had done to Katherine, Suzanne went temporarily insane and repented her actions. With Suzanne and Katherine both out of the picture, Jill realized that Derek was free to marry her. She hastily divorced Stuart and arranged to marry Derek. Soon after, Jill and Derek had a surprise guest at their wedding–Katherine.

Meanwhile, Stuart and Liz married. Jill found herself without a man or financial support. And Liz, who had supported herself as a housekeeper, found it difficult to adjust to her new life as the wife of a successful newspaper publisher.

Separated from Chris, Snapper fell for Casey, a fellow doctor who worked at the clinic with him. Their relationship was troubled from the start because Casey suffered from a fear of sex. She was also worried about her kid sister, Nikki, who was a promiscuous teenager. When Nikki and Casey’s mother were killed in a car crash, their father, Nick, returned to Genoa City. Seeing her father again, Casey suddenly remembered a traumatic incident that had been buried deep in her subconscious. When she was a child, Nick raped her. When Casey, accompanied by her friend Brock, went to confront Nick, he was in the process of trying to rape Nikki. During Nikki’s struggle to defend herself, she accidentally killed her father

Y&R 1977

Lance Prentiss found a summer home for his mother, Vanessa, in Genoa City. Vanessa wore a veil over the lower part of her face, supposedly to cover a horrific scar that she had received while rescuing Lance from a fire five years earlier. Embarrassed by her condition, Vanessa never ventured into public. When Lance found himself intrigued by Leslie Brooks, Vanessa feared that she would lose her son to another woman.

After Leslie’s divorce from Brad, she fell into a deep depression. Leslie continued to perform piano concerts and was surprised that a wealthy admirer, Lance Prentiss, followed her from town to town, faithfully attending every concert. Lance revealed to Leslie that he loved her. In a desperate attempt to forget Brad, Leslie had an affair with Lance. But when she realized that her heart still belonged to Brad, Leslie broke off the affair. Soon after, Lance fell for Lorie, who was still nursing a broken heart after her break-up with Mark. After being romanced by Lance–who thoughtfully arranged intimate dinners for them in such cities as Chicago, New York and London–Lorie gave into his charms. Lorie, however, was confused by Lance’s mysterious behavior whenever she visited his home. He specifically forbade her from entering one particular room in the house. She also couldn’t understand why she was constantly running across scarves monogrammed with the initial “V.”

Vanessa was none too thrilled by Lance’s involvement with Lorie and quickly developed a strong dislike for both Lorie and Leslie, both of whom she continued to view as a potential threat.

Peggy Brooks fell for her college teacher, Jack Curtis, a married man. Jack had a wandering eye because his wife Joanne suffered from an eating disorder and was overweight. Peggy was stunned to discover that Jack was married. Furthermore, he refused to divorce Joanne because she was emotionally dependent on him and he feared how she might react if he suddenly dumped her for a younger, more attractive woman. Nevertheless, Peggy held out hope that Jack would eventually divorce Joanne. Peggy even tried to help the disturbed woman gain self-confidence. One evening, Peggy, who was still a virgin, was raped. Chris, who had also been raped several years earlier, believed that Peggy’s attacker was Ron Becker, a married man who had previously been charged with rape. Chris knew about Ron because she had lent assistance to his family through her work at Legal Aid.

At Chris’s urging, Peggy filed charges against Ron, even though she wasn’t absolutely convinced that he had raped her. Thanks to a weak case, Ron was acquitted. But Ron’s wife Nancy discovered that he was the rapist. The revelation traumatized her and she became schizophrenic. Soon after, Nancy was committed to a mental institution. Good-natured Chris, who was experiencing difficulty having children, decided to seek custody of Nancy’s young daughter, Karen, even though Snapper feared that it would eventually lead to heartache for her. Ron agreed to give Chris and Snapper custody of Karen, believing that his wife would never recover from her mental illness. Ron also promised to stay out of their lives.

Nancy did recover and was released from the mental institution. She quickly set her sights on regaining custody of Karen. When Chris saw Nancy and Karen together, she realized that Karen still considered Nancy her mother and she reluctantly let the child go. Soon after, Nancy legally petitioned the court for custody of Karen and won. She then left town with her husband and daughter. Chris was so heartbroken that she separated from Snapper and also left town.

Eventually, Joann divorced Jack and became friends with Katherine Chancellor. The two women shared an immediate bond. Katherine enjoyed Joann’s companionship and showed her appreciation by buying Joann gifts and a new wardrobe. Brock became alarmed by the attention that Katherine showered on Joann and warned that it was unhealthy.

Joann, who had finally gained self-confidence, lost weight . With a slimmer figure, she opened herself up to the possibility of meeting a new man, which disturbed Katherine. The two women planned a trip together to Hawaii, but just before they were about to leave, Brock confronted Joann with the truth about his mother’s true feelings for her. Joann canceled the trip and distanced herself from Katherine.

At the same time, Peggy, who was still suffering from the aftermath of her rape, found it difficult to have sex with Jack. Eventually, she ended their relationship and moved back in with her parents. Jack found himself dazzled by Joann’s new confidence and realized that he still loved her. When Jack proposed marriage again, Joann agreed to remarry him.

Jennifer died from cancer, leaving the Brooks’ daughters without a mother, and Stuart without a wife. In time, Stuart turned to Liz Foster for companionship. Initially, the death of their respective spouses was a reason for bringing them together. But as Stuart got to know Liz better, he realized that he was developing romantic feelings for her.

Jill, who was once again financially broke, accepted a job as a manicurist at a barbershop. When Snapper overheard a customer proposition Jill, he insisted that she quit the job. Soon after, with Brock’s help, Jill landed a job at a beauty salon managed by Derek Thurston. Jill quickly found herself attracted to Derek, who was handsome and charismatic. Ironically, Katherine Chancellor was also romantically interested in Derek.

Katherine used her money to try and buy Derek’s affection. After she set him up in his own salon, Derek agreed to marry her. But there was a stipulation. The marriage would only last a year and, when it ended, he’d be sole owner of the salon.

Derek confided to Jill that he had no intention of marrying Katherine–he was only interested in her money. Katherine, however, was determined to make Derek her husband. One night, she deliberately got him drunk, and then arranged a quick wedding ceremony. The next day, Derek was flabbergasted to discover that Katherine was now his wife. When Derek told Katherine that he planned to get an annulment, the stinging rejection prompted her to try and commit suicide. Fortunately, Katherine was rescued by Derek and Brock. Soon after, two thugs arrived in Genoa City with a vendetta against Derek. They wanted revenge for a business deal that had gone bad. They intended to murder Derek, but Katherine saved his life by shielding his body with her own. Katherine was shot and, after being rushed to the hospital, doctors revealed that she was paralyzed. Derek promised to stay with Katherine until she was able to walk again. He then told Jill he had decided to honor his arrangement to be Katherine’s husband for one year. Jill was mortified