The Final Years (2002-2009)

Final Years.jpg

-Xscape/aka Escape : Recorded in 1999-2002 & leaked in 2002. Original demo + new remix by Darkchild released in 2014 (Xscape).

Hollywood Tonight : Recorded in 1999-2007. A remixed version featuring Taryll Jackson was released in 2010 (Michael). Demo leaked in 2014 but remains unreleased.

-We’ve Had Enough : Recorded in 1999-2004 & released in 2004 (The Ultimate Collection Box Set)

Beautiful Girl : Recorded in 2002-2004 & released in 2004 (The Ultimate Collection Box Set).

-(I Like) The Way You Love Me : Recorded in 2002-2004 & released in 2004 (The Ultimate Collection Box Set) + new remix released in 2010 (Michael)

-Best Of Joy : Recorded in 2002-2004 & released in 2010 (Michael).

-All In Your Name : Recorded in 2002 & released in 2011.

-I Am A Looser : Demo recorded in 2003. Leaked in 2013 but remains unreleased.

-Days In Gloucestershire  : Demo recorded in 2004 and reworked in 2008. It leaked in 2014 but remains unreleased.

-I Was A Looser : New version of “I Am A Looser” recorded in 2008. Short snippet leaked online but full demo remains unreleased.

Wanna Be Startin Somethin (2008) : Remix by Akon featuring new vocals by MJ recorded 2007/2008 and released in 2008 (Thriller 25 Special Edition)

Hold My Hand (duet with Akon)  : Demo recorded in 2007/2008 & leaked in 2008. New remix released in 2010 (Michael). Original demo remains unreleased.

-For The World : This Is It era demo song recorded in 2008/2009. It leaked in 2019 but remains unreleased.

-Breed* : Michael temporarily stopped working with Brad Buxer in the summer of 2008 after he left to continue his job as an airline pilot. Work continued with Neff-U and Michael Durham Prince up until at least the beginning of 2009, making Neff-U the last producer to actually work with Michael.
Michael recorded vocals for the last time in the spring of 2009, right before This Is It preparation went into full swing.
The last song Michael worked was written in the spring of 2009, literally days before he died. He never recorded vocals for it but he did put together an instrumental which was previewed on TV in July 2009 but remains unreleased.

* To this day, the last song known to have been recorded by Michael 42 years after Big Boy…


-Previous Era : « Invincible » years (1998-2001)

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